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Poha, also known as Chivda, beaten rice, and flattened rice, is the most preferred Indian breakfast. Known for its versatility, texture, and flavor, It is extremely nutritious. It is not only savored as breakfast, but chivda can also be eaten as a delicious and filling snack. Wellcurve is a platform where you can buy poha without any hassle. We bring you all varieties of poha from top-notch brands at the best price. From organic variants to gluten-free beaten rice, we have all that you are looking for.

Poha Nutrition and Calories

Poha is a wholesome meal that is packed with essential nutrients, carbs, and antioxidants. This nutria-dense food contains just 110 calories in 100 grams serving, which makes it best for weight watchers. Other than this, poha contains 68% carbs, 7% protein, and 24% fats. It is also a good source of fiber that keeps you full for a longer time. All in all, it can be a delicious and nutritious addition to your meal.

How to Add Poha to Your Diet

You can find a number of foods available in the market for weight loss like quinoa, muesli, and oats, etc., but switching to poha can be worthy. It is extremely versatile, you can cook it in various ways. Simply roast it to have it as a snack, or add some chopped vegetables and peanuts to make poha chaat. It can be eaten with chutney or pav.

In fact, you can mix poha with sprouts for a healthy meal. A lot of people combine it with oats to get the benefit of both. There are endless ways of adding poha to your diet for healthy weight loss and improved digestion. When you can use one ingredient in numerous ways, then it becomes necessary to have it in your kitchen.

Poha Health Benefits

You must be wondering why you should buy poha when there are various healthy options out there. Here is the answer:

  • Aids in weight management
  • Keeps a watch on blood sugar levels
  • It is a probiotic food
  • Improves your digestion
  • A healthy source of carbohydrates
  • A good option for people with Lactose intolerance
  • Either gluten-free or low in gluten

Order Poha Online from Wellcurve

You can buy healthy foods and groceries online through Wellcurve. When you get different varieties and brands of poha online, you can easily compare their quality and price, and make a wise choice. Wellcurve always believes in delivering the best to its customers and that too on time. Our range of poha includes only certified brands to make sure that there is no compromise with quality. Without any doubt, you can buy poha online from our website.

Poha Price List on Wellcurve- 2021

PohaPrice Range(Rs.)
Nourish Organics80-100
Pro Nature60-80
Organic Tattva60-80

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