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We are getting better and healthier for you

We are getting better and healthier for you

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Calcium Rich Food

Calcium Rich

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Buy Calcium Rich Products Online at Best Price

Our body needs a dose of certain nutrients and minerals daily. Calcium is one such essential nutrient. There are n-number of food items such as Oats, Dates, Bananas, Chia Seeds, and more that act as a source of calcium in our diet. Wellcurve has curated a dedicated category with 100% organic products from more than 10 brands for those seeking a common platform to buy calcium rich products online. Each product has been discounted by up to 15% to match the consumer’s expectations.

Calcium Online at Wellcurve

Below are the 10 best calcium rich products online, available at Wellcurve, which you may consider and add to your daily diet.

Rostaa Kalmi Dates: Member of the superfoods family, Kalmi Dates are a rich source of vitamin A, B1, B2, and C, high in potassium, and iron.
Gaia Organics Amarnath Crunchy Muesli: This muesli contains dietary fibres, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It is one of the best calcium-rich food items.
The Little Farm Co Raw Chia Seeds: These are 100% organic Chia seeds packed with calcium, vitamin C, potassium and omega, and they have no added colours.
Nutty Gritties Barbeque Almonds: These premium Barbeque flavoured almonds are a rich source of calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin K, protein and zinc.
Rostaa Dried Turkish Apricot: These are charged with calcium, promoting strengthening bones.
Sattviko Pudina Makhana: These makhanas are roasted with a mix of Indian spices that brings out the nice, minty Pudina flavour.
Soulfull Choco Fills Ragi Bites: These are made of Ragi which is is a superfood that delivers essential amino acids, Vitamin D, calcium and other micronutrients to the body
Pure Nutrition Ultra Calcium Citrate: It is a health supplement that is a rich source of minerals and vitamins.
Snackible Peri-Peri Sunflower Seeds: These sunflower seeds are full of calcium and regular consumption has proven bone health benefits.
Rostaa Dried Figs: These are high in fibre and are a fabulous calcium and potassium source, along with vitamins K and B6.

Benefits of A Calcium-Rich Diet
People living a healthy life make it a point to buy calcium-rich products online. Here are some of the most crucial benefits of a calcium-rich diet that not a lot of people are familiar with:

Muscle Contraction – When a muscle is stimulated in the body, calcium is released. This calcium helps in muscle contraction.
Blood clotting – Blood clotting is an essential body mechanism and calcium plays a pivotal role in carrying out blood clotting.
High blood pressure during pregnancy – During pregnancy, consuming enough calcium can reduce the risk of high blood pressure complications.
Reduces the risk of tumour – Colorectal adenomas is a type of tumour that the intake of adequate calcium can prevent.
Regulates and improves cholesterol – A calcium-rich diet will provide you with the right amount of calcium needed to regulate cholesterol levels.
Lowers blood pressure in young people – Developing high-blood pressure at an early age can cause several health complications. Calcium-rich diets help regulate that and lowering the blood pressure in young people.
Bone Health in kids – Our teeth and our bones have essential functions and when it comes to kids, the development of bone structure is vital. A calcium-rich diet promotes healthy teeth and bones.
Prevents loss of bone-density during menopause – Females, when they experience menopause, face loss of bone density. Consuming calcium-rich diets can help slow down the rate by a considerable amount.

About Calcium-Rich Food Items on Wellcurve
Calcium-rich food items are a little difficult to come by. One has to look, compare and then make an informed decision. However, that is not the scenario anymore after integrated platforms like Wellcurve have come up with dedicated categories of health & wellness products as per the consumer’s dietary requirements.

For instance, you can buy calcium rich products online from Wellcurve’s calcium-rich food category and shop from a wide assortment of products that are suitable for your diet.

Wellcurve has formed associations with premium brands like Gaia Organics, The Little Farm Co., Wonderland Foods, Rostaa, Sattviko, Pure Nutrition, Soulfull and many such names that people often regard as some of the leaders in the healthy food industry.
The prices of products vary little and are more often than not, quite pocket-friendly. Gaia Organics Amarnath Crunchy Muesli (400g) will cost you Rs. 260 which is quite affordable compared to the steep prices of the less-nutritional alternatives of the products, is available in the market. Sattvikko Peri-Peri Makhna, besides being a delectable snack rich in calcium, is also quite fairly priced – at Rs. 180 for 70g.
There are so many different kinds of calcium-rich food products that one can choose from because Wellcurve makes sure that people can buy calcium rich food online, all in one place.

Why Wellcurve?
Ever since people have become more conscious about their eating habits and diets, people have been looking to find a coherent platform that caters to all their healthy food and products’ needs, in a seamless and customer-friendly fashion. Wellcurve has consolidated some of the best and most nutrition-centric brands in the world of healthy foods under their website and provided the consumers with a well-distributed and optioned brochure of products to choose from. The prices are also quite attractive and make sure they don’t burn a hole in the consumer’s pocket. The company was set up with the idea of providing the commoner with healthier and more economical alternatives to regular food, and that is something they have been able to bring about, successfully.

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