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Dates (Dry Khajur)

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Dates are also known as khajur in India, and many people consume it like an everyday staple and start their day with dates. Dates are nutrient-rich dried fruits that are loved by millions across the globe. Khajur are particularly consumed in high amounts in south Asia and middle east countries. The rich and juicy texture of dates makes it taste great.

Some studies also believe that dates are one of the most healthy dry fruits that exist! You can find premium quality dates on Wellcurve from various well-known brands. Shop khajur online from Wellcurve at affordable prices and get amazing offers on your shop too!

Benefits Of Dates & Why You Should Buy Dates?

Dates are filled with nutrients that your body requires on a daily basis. There are a lot of benefits of including khajur in your diet and having them regularly. The best part is that this dry fruit is also popular among kids due to its rich taste and flavor.

  • Dates are packed with antioxidants that help in keeping the body healthy and fighting diseases. 
  • It aids in digestion and may prevent constipation since it’s high in fiber.
  • Dates may improve brain function.
  • It reduces the risk of diabetes and can be consumed by diabetics too. 
  • It’s great for the skin since it contains lots of essential vitamins.
  • It works great as a natural sweetener.
  • Dates help in lowering cholesterol and also maintains heart health.

It’s easy to switch to a healthy lifestyle when you have the right products and the right information. Dates are a powerhouse of nutrients and you can get the best khajur price online!

Tips On How To Use Dates In Different Ways!

Needless to say, you can obviously buy dates online and enjoy them like a snack when you’re craving something sweet, but there are many ways to use dates and create delectable yet easy preparations. Get your hands on the best quality khajoor online and get cooking:

  1. Use Dates In Smoothies: Many people use sugar or jaggery to sweeten their smoothies, but we have a better alternative for you! You can use dates in your smoothie recipes for an extra punch of flavor and nutrition.
  2. Dates as a Topping: You can use dates as a topping for many dishes like salad, custards, ice creams, and many more! Just slice the dates and sprinkle them on the top.
  3. Make Energy Bars: Dates are filled with protein and fiber and are also known for boosting energy, then why not use dates, nuts, and some binding ingredients together to make a fun energy bar!
  4. Use Dates to Prepare Desserts: Many dessert recipes like dates halwa and dates ladoo and cakes can be made using dry fruit.

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Dates (Khajur) Price List on Wellcurve- 2021

Dates (Khajoor)Price Range(Rs.)
Nutty Gritties400-450
Is it okay to consume dates everyday?+
Are these dates natural?+
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