• Avadata Organics Pure A2 Desi Cow Ghee
    Avadata Organics Pure A2 Desi Cow Ghee

    About The Product:

    Extracted from the cream of desi cow’s milk, Avadata pure ghee serves as a delightful companion to a simple meal. It not only adds to the flavour of cooked dals and vegetables but also filled with extensive benefits.

    Health Benefits:

    1. Revitalizes secretion of enzymes
    2. Easy to absorb due to fat-soluble nutrients
    3. Good for external wounds

    How To Consume: Owing to its multiple applications, it can be added to dal, veg curries,  khichdi, sweet dish or on chapati twice a day.

    Avadata Organics Pure A2 Desi Cow Ghee100% Organic


    440.00 ADD
  • the-little-farm-co-amla-garlic-chutney-relish-400g
    The Little Farm Co Amla Garlic Chutney / Relish

    About The Product

    Amla Garlic Chutney by The Little Farm Co. has a delectable unique taste of its own. Enjoy this chutney with your meals to enhance their flavour. Manufactured and packed under sterile conditions, the chutney also is free from any colour or preservatives.

    Health Benefits

    1. Loaded with vitamin C
    2. Enhances immunity
    3. No added colours & preservatives

    How To Consume

    Eat with your parathas or consume a spoonful with your meals in lunch and dinner

    The Little Farm Co Amla Garlic Chutney / Relish100% Natural


    300.00 ADD
  • avadata-organics-garam-masala-50g
    Avadata Organics Garam Masala

    About The Product:

    Avadata Organics Garam Masala comes with a very distinctive flavour and enhances the tastes of veg curries, dal, pulao or any fried food. This strong flavoured and tasty masala would leave you asking for more when added to any dish.

    Health Benefits:

    1. It stimulates your taste buds
    2. Boosts metabolism
    3. Endowed with antioxidants

    How To Consume: Can be added to both veg and non-veg cuisines. This could also be added to salads, upma, quinoa, buttermilk, curd, pulao and more.

    Avadata Organics Garam Masala100% Organic


    80.00 ADD
  • Avadata Organics White Pepper Whole 50g
    Avadata Organics White Pepper Whole

    About the product:

    Avadata Organics’ White Pepper is organically extracted from the pepper plant called Piper Nigrum. It has a sharp bite and tastes different from black pepper. Popular ingredient of Chinese dishes, Chicken Marinades, etc, white pepper is rich in magnesium, copper and manganese.

    Health benefits:

    1. Helps in weight management
    2. Acts as a decongestant
    3. 100% organic

    How to consume: Can be added to soups, curries, white sauce and other dishes. Gives a delicious taste when added to Chinese soups and marinades.

    Avadata Organics White Pepper Whole100% Organic


    80.00 ADD
  • the-little-farm-co-mango-pickle-400g
    The Little Farm Co Mango Pickle

    About The Product:

    Little Farm and Co set in motion Mango pickle which is known to be almost everyone’s favourite. This traditional mango pickle comes with a twist of saunf and has no added preservatives and additives.

    Health Benefits Of The Product:

    1. Boots the intake of antioxidants
    2. Builds immunity
    3. Improves digestion

    How To Consume: Enjoy small portions with all your meals. Can be enjoyed with puri, paratha and cheela.

    The Little Farm Co Mango Pickle100% Natural


    300.00 ADD
  • The Little Farm Co Lemon Khatta Meetha Pickle

    About the product:

    The Little Farm Co. Lemon Khatta Meetha pickle is packed with the sweet and sour flavour of sun-dried lemons and selected Indian spices. Lemons are loaded with vitamin-C and various other essential minerals. Lemon pickles are known as a home remedy for stomach disorders and more.

    Health benefits:

    1. 100% natural ingredients
    2. Rich in vitamin-C
    3. Handcrafted with no preservatives

    How to consume: Pickles are best accompanied by paranthas, khichdi and a lot more. It should be consumed in a small quantity.

    The Little Farm Co Lemon Khatta Meetha Pickle100% Organic


    238.00250.00 ADD
  • Rostaa Tri Colour Quinoa
    • Quinoa is good for weight loss
    • Rich in Iron and Magnesium, Quinoa can have wonderful effects on metabolic health
    • Quinoa works great for bone health
    • Quinoa protects the heart and improves skin health
    • 12 months shelf life
    Rostaa Tri Colour QuinoaGluten Free,High Fiber


    502.00620.00 ADD
  • Nutriorg Flaxseed Oil

    About The Product:

    Flaxseed oil by Nutriorg is a healthy combination of vitamin B1, Omega 3 fatty acids, manganese, dietary fibre and micro-nutrients. Nutriorg proposes high quality and organic certified flaxseed oil which is drawn out using 100% flaxseeds.

    Health Benefits:

    1. Healthy hair and skin
    2. Assists weight management
    3. Acts as a natural laxative

    How To Consume: Flaxseed oil can be either directly consumed (1 tablespoon) or can be added to dips and sauces.

    Nutriorg Flaxseed OilCertified Organic


    153.00180.00 ADD
  • Avadata Organics Coriander Whole

    About The Product:

    Coriander whole by Avadata Organic is purely organic and homegrown. It is harvested when the plant turns brown and leaves start to dry and fall. Coriander benefits are not restricted to just the kitchen, but it is also used in medicinal experiments.

    Health Benefits:

    1. Could boost appetite
    2. Relieves muscle stiffness and sore joints.
    3. Amplifies blood circulation

    How To Consume: It can be consumed in veg-curries, dals, biryanis or pulao.

    Avadata Organics Coriander Whole100% Organic


    38.0040.00 ADD

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