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Buy Rice Online at Best Price

Let’s face it – rice is a significant part of our everyday diet and it is almost impossible to imagine a complete diet plan without it. Rice is a convenient food item, easy to make, and it goes well with everything. Besides being a good source of energy, rice is also a good source of protein and can help improve digestion. To facilitate easy shopping for essentials and staples, Wellcurve has curated a range of different rice that can be brought as per consumer convenience. You can buy rice online from our website and get high-quality at the best rice prices.

Types of Rice

You can buy the below-mentioned variants and purchase rice to get them right from the authentic brands at Wellcurve:

  1. Basmati Rice – Probably one of the most popular and sought-after kinds of rice owing to its grand aroma and long, succulent grains. After cooking, this becomes longer and fluffier. Shop and get your orders at best basmati rice prices, after discount.
  2. Red Rice – Rich in anthocyanin, the rice is red and is generally consumed partially hulled or unhulled. A lot of people prefer to buy red rice to benefit from a wide range of brands. When it comes to rice eaten with germs, red rice is the most delectable and nutritional. 
  3. Sushi Rice – Sushi is Japanese rice that is used for the preparation of sushi. This is flavoured with vinegar-based seasonings and is commonly also referred to like Sushi.
  4. Masuri Rice – It has great nutritional value since it is unpolished and contains very less amount of starch. For people on low-carb diets, Masuri is a popular choice.
  5. Keto Rice – It is the ultimate substitute for rice, when on a Keto Diet. The benefits of consumption of Keto are that they do not contain sucralose, maltitol or any other harmful ingredients.
  6. Indrayani Rice – Processed in Igatpuri, the stimulating aroma of this rice makes it a delicacy across the country. People buy Indrayani rice online to experience a good range of discounts. It helps regulate blood pressure and boosts immunity. The grains are medium-sized and get sticky when cooked.

Nutritional Facts About Different Types of Rice

Nutrients Per 100gBasmatiRedSushiIndrayaniMasuriKeto
Calories121 kcal360 kcal163 kcal400 kcal368.26 kcal373.3 kcal

Basmati Rice VS Ordinary Rice – A Detailed Comparison

Basmati Rice – 

  • Apart from being rich in carbs and protein, basmati rice has proved to be rich in bioactive compounds as well. 
  • The content of fatty acid is also on the low side, varying anywhere between 18,240 mg – 25,840 mg, for each kilogram. 
  • Linoleic acid, oleic acid palmitic acids are the fat that is found in abundance. 
  • Additionally, basmati rice contains doses of antioxidants and is effective in lowering cholesterol levels by 8-15%.

Normal Rice – 

  • Normal rice has significantly lower levels of calories when compared to that of basmati rice’s (a meagre 103 calories for a quarter cup of normal rice that is uncooked). 
  • They contain high doses of B-Complex vitamins that help your body turn food into energy to keep you going. 
  • Manganese, which is present in white rice, helps in the formation of antioxidant enzymes that helps in healing processes and even the development of bones.

Normal rice has fewer carbs and calories than that of Basmati, but Basmati makes up for that by delivering more protein than normal rice. You can shop for both kinds and buy rice easily.

Benefits of Basmati Rice

Here are a few benefits of buying basmati rice online that not a lot of people are aware of:

  1. Diabetes-friendly rice – It has a shallow glycemic index, it doesn’t increase the sugar levels and thus, doesn’t trigger insulin responses during the meal.
  2. Helps in losing weight – It is rich in fibre and we all know that fibre helps to control your eating habits by ensuring that you stay full for an extended period. Therefore, you tend to lose weight faster than ever.
  3. Helps prevent the formation of cancer cells – They contain at least 20% more fibre than most other kinds of rice. This is beneficial since fibre helps prevent the formation of cancer cells in your body.
  4. Keeps the heart-healthy – The biggest reason because of which people buy basmati rice is its high fibre content, low saturated fat content and low bad cholesterol content that keeps the heart-healthy.
  5. Regulates blood pressure – The rice is rich in potassium and magnesium and thus, helps regulate blood pressure. It should be consumed by people with hypertension regularly.

You can shop for basmati rice and get your orders delivered at your doorsteps. Wellcurve offers the best basmati rice prices to make sure the consumer’s convenience is put at the top.

Why Should You Purchase Rice ?

The world and the entirety of the commodity market have now shifted to the internet. There is nothing that is not available there. Today, you can buy rice – you do not need to visit the market. You just search for it on the internet. This is because it is far more convenient and you get a lot more options to compare with and choose. Also, sites like Wellcurve offer some good prices and deals. So, you can order rice online and get them delivered to your home at the click of a button.

Why Choose Wellcurve?

Wellcurve has established itself as a platform that strives to serve the most organic and high-quality products to make sure that health & wellness bars are kept high in every individual’s life. The platform has a well-designed categorisation of products that includes rice, of different kinds, with special discounts for everyone. You can buy rice online, from Wellcurve, at marginalised prices as compared to regular market prices. Also, it allows you to shop and online rice purchase from authentic brands delivering premium-quality products only. Hence, you get to shop conveniently, benefit from discounted prices, and order from 100% authentic health brands.

Rice Price List at Wellcurve

BrandsPrice Range
Avadata Organics₹70.00 – ₹210.00
Organic Tattva₹65.00 – ₹225.00
Praakritik₹64.00 – ₹154.00
Scotti₹325.00 – ₹425.00
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