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Sugar and salt are the two most important condiments that we use to add flavour to our daily diet. However, adulterated salt and sugar can cause severe damage to our body, especially the digestive system. It is very important to seek organic options to not let your health make any compromises. Pink Salt, Himalayan Salt, etc. are known as the healthier versions of salt. You can buy salt and sugar online from Wellcurve, and get your hands on some premium quality products at the best prices.

Difference Between Organic Salt and Ordinary Salt

One must understand that there is a big difference between organic and ordinary salt.

  • Ordinary salt or normal salt is seawater salt while organic salt is basically what we use when cooking or eating – table salt.
  • Ordinary salt or seawater salt comes from the natural evaporation of the seawater and it is a natural source of sodium as well. 
  • Organic salt, however, is mined from salt deposits, broken down into finer crystals so that they can be used for regular consumption purposes.
  • Organic salt when fortified may contain iodine. On the other hand, ordinary salt contains additional minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium aside from the standard sodium content.
  • Ordinary salt is a lot crunchier than regular salt or organic salt and hence, it finds application in restaurants and food outlets for its crunchy taste and natural flavour.
  • One tbsp of table salt or organic contains around 2,300mg of sodium. The same sodium content is packed in a much smaller quantity of seawater salt or ordinary salt since their crystals are larger.

5 Organic Salt and Sugar To Buy Online at Wellcurve

Product NameOriginal PriceWellcurve Discount
Praakritik Sendha Namak Rock Salt (500 g)Rs. 605%
Praakritik Coconut Sugar (100 g)Rs. 1305%
Nutriorg Premium Quality Himalayan Pink Salt (100 g)Rs. 9915%
Avadata Organics Sugar (1 kg)Rs. 705%
Nutriorg Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Powder (550 g)Rs. 15515%

Types of Organic Salts

There are several different organic salts that one can use when cooking. Here we have mentioned only a handful:

  • Kosher Salt – Contains crystals slightly larger than table salt but no additives.
  • Fleur de sel – This salt originates from France and they are used more popularly as condiments.
  • Pink Salt – This salt is generally harvested in the Himalayan region and is known for its pink hue. You can buy pink salt online if you search a little.
  • Flake Salt – This salt contains crystals that look like plates and are dryer than most others.
  • Himalayan Black Salt – With a dark purple hue, this salt is commonly called ‘Kala namak’ as well.

Difference Between Organic Sugar and Ordinary Sugar

Here are a few key differences between organic and ordinary sugar or white sugar or pure cane sugar that you must keep in mind when you buy sugar online:

  • Organic sugar is obtained from sugar beets or sugarcanes and farmed accordingly. White sugar undergoes more processing using herbicides and chemical pesticides that remove all its natural molasses content.
  • Raw or organic sugar has more to offer in terms of nutritional value, than that white sugar or pure cane sugar, because it contains its natural molasses content.
  • White sugar or pure cane sugar is refined using several different chemicals that remove all impurities and in the process, the sugar loses its natural brown shades.

Organic sugar, if refined, may end up sharing the same texture and flavour. However, there is no denying that raw, unprocessed organic sugar has a distinctive flavour, owing to the natural molasses content and that is why people who buy sugar online, tend to go for the organic brands.

Types of Organic sugar

Here is a list of organic sugars that not a lot of people are aware of:

  • Palm Sugar Crystals – It is an organic and natural sugar since it undergoes minimal processing and doesn’t contain chemicals or additives.
  • Demerara Sugar – This sugar contains large, light brown crystals and residual molasses. It is a kind of natural brown sugar.
  • Organic Sulphur-less White Sugar – Unlike most other sugars, this sugar is processed without sulphur and retains the natural sweetness as well.
  • Organic Brown Sugar – This sugar is a healthier alternative to white sugar since it maintains the natural nutrition that comes from sugarcane. It is processed naturally.
  • Unrefined Sugar – Unrefined sugar or raw sugar retains essential minerals like magnesium and iron (among others) and hence, is considered to be a healthy sugar choice.

Why Should You Buy Salt and Sugar Online?

Prime benefits people can enjoy if they order or buy salt and sugar online:

  1. Huge discounts – Online portals offer comparatively higher discounts than offline stores
  2. An array of products – Offline stores have a limited range of products and variants. But, at online portals, customers have access to several different brands that offer similar products. 
  3. Preferential Filters – One can filter the products online according to brands, weight, category, usage, ingredients, price, and more. 
  4. A clear description of ingredients – Customers get an easy view of all the ingredients that a certain product is content with. This develops transparency between the food choices and the customer.

Why Wellcurve?

Wellcurve has specifically related itself to the best nutritional items and best staples including organic salt and sugar. We are based on encouraging health-conscious people to live healthier lives. Wellcurve offers a user-friendly interface for customers that directs them and helps them to surf through the entire online brochure effortlessly. The website features legitimate brands that are considered to be some of the biggest names in the field of research and production of health products. Wellcurve still puts the interests and desires of consumers first, and the quality items shown on the website just solidify it. Consumers not only have a wide variety of organic salt, sugar, and more to choose from, but they also enjoy enticing discounts.

Salt and Sugar Price List at Wellcurve

BrandPrice Range
Avadata Organics70.00
Nutriorg80.00 – 135.00
Organic Tattva45.00 – 70.00
Praakritik50.00 – ₹350.00
Pro Nature₹78.00
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