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Products for thyroid Function

Thyroid Care Supplements

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland located above the collarbone. It produces hormones that help control many essential functions of your body. When the thyroid gland does not function properly, it may cause hyper and hypothyroidism, which means if the thyroid gland is extra stimulated, it will release excess thyroid hormones, which can lead to hyperthyroidism and vice versa in the case of hypothyroidism. Though medical treatments are available, altering lifestyle can also help manage thyroid malfunctioning effectively. You only need to focus on thyroid care, and the disease can be managed well.

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To Eat, or Not to Eat!

Thyroid malfunction can happen at any age, but thankfully, making a few changes in your dietary pattern can potentially benefit your thyroid. Here’s a curated list of our expert-recommended foods that are scientifically proven beneficial or restricted in different cases.

Foods To Eat

There are a number of nutrients important for thyroid care. People with hypothyroidism are more likely to become deficient in certain nutrients. The below list consists of recommended food for both cases of the thyroid. Some important thyroid nutrients are selenium, zinc, iron, and vitamin D.

Hyperthyroidism  Hypothyroidism 
Low or non- Iodized salt Iodized Salt
Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower Walnuts 
Dark chocolate Almonds 
Raisins  Salads 
Turmeric  Ragi flour 
Oatmeal  Buckwheat flour 
Egg whites  Brazil nuts
Fortified cereals and Pasta with vitamin B  legumes

Foods to Avoid

Thyroid care is not that difficult. There are only a few certain types of foods that you need to avoid. These foods mainly include gluten-rich foods, processed foods, or foods with goitrogens that impede thyroid function, especially in the case of hypothyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism  Hypothyroidism 
Iodine rich foods like egg yolks Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage
Dairy products  Peanuts 
Soy  High-fat foods
Fish and shellfish Carbonated foods
Tofu  Fruits like strawberry, pears
Rye  Caffeine 
Carrageen ( A food additive)  Limit gluten foods like wheat 

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