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Bacteria and viruses are the invisible enemies that we get to fight every day. These hazardous germs and bacteria’s are sending the world into a spiral of fear and ailment. The best that we can do is ensure that we keep ourselves and our loved ones as protected as possible. Personal care and hygiene have become the most important factors. There are several essential health care & personal care products online, such as surface cleaners, vegetables & fruits cleaners, hand cleansers, etc., which should be kept handy at all times. You can buy health care products online from Wellcurve and get good discounts on every purchase. We do have a range of hand cleansers and more, made with Vitamin E and aloe vera to keep your skin safe from dryness.

6 Popular Health & Personal Care Products Online

Making sure that you stock up on hand-washes, surface cleaners, and other healthcare and personal care products is probably the wisest thing you can do now. Here are the top 6 most potent and acclaimed health products that you can get in the market today:

  1. Fruits and vegetable washer – These are specially designed to clean all your veggies and fruits before you use them, to wash away the bacteria and germs. You can use Greenbrew Green Wash, Fruit & Vegetable Washer.
  2. Surface Cleansers – Contracting diseases from surfaces is one of the common phenomenons when it comes to contagious viruses like Covid-19. Make sure the surfaces of your home or the ones you touch have been cleansed by Greenbrew Surface Cleanser Spray.
  3. Hand Cleansers – Hand cleansers can help in removing germs, bacteria, and dirt from your hands and keep you safe from unwanted diseases. Dr Vaidya’s HerboCleanse Plus Liquid Hand Cleanser is one of the best options with Vitamin-E extracts to keep the skin soft.
  4. Ayurvedic Cleaners – Ayurvedic cleaners are becoming increasingly popular among people for their ability to counter the negative effects of several viruses with the help of organic and natural minerals and extracts. You can go for Dr. Vaidya’s HerboCleanse Fruit & Veggie Wash.
  5. Vitamin E Hand Gel – Washing your hands too often with harsh soap or sanitizer can degrade the quality of the skin. Greenbrew Hand Cleanser Gel with Vitamin E contains natural extracts from Neem and Aloe Vera that help kill the germs as well as the natural moisture of the hand intact.
  6. Herbal Hand Cleansers – It should not come as a surprise that people are looking for better or herbal alternatives for hand cleaners or health care products that do not damage the first epidermis of the hand. Greenbrew Liquid Hand Rub with Vitamin E is a hand cleanser that protects your hand and your body.

Benefits of Using Personal Care and Health Care Products

Here are the 10 most vital benefits of using healthcare and personal care products:

  1. It rids the body of harmful bacteria that resides on the skin
  2. It minimizes the contagiousness of the bacteria or viruses
  3. It keeps your hands and the surfaces fresh and fragrant (if it contains fragrance)
  4. Reduces chances of eye-infection by killing the germs and bacteria
  5. Kills the harmful bacteria that reside on surfaces and thereby reduces the chance of communication
  6. Good health care products or personal care products can minimize skin irritation
  7. Certain healthcare products or personal care products can enhance skin quality and keep the moisture intact
  8. All-natural personal care products have zero or minimal side-effects
  9. Extended use of personal care or ayurvedic health care products can help protect it from pollutants and the harmful effects of the sun that can cause dangerous diseases
  10. Contains high-quality ingredients and nutrients that nourish the skin and body

How to Use Veggies and Fruit Cleansers?

There are different ways or steps to using different cleansers, depending upon the particular instructions. 

· If you are using Greenbrrew Green Wash, Fruit & Vegetable Washer, you will need to add 2 tsp of it into 500ml of water, soak the vegetables and the fruits on the mixture for around 2 minutes, rub them well, and then you will need to rinse them well. 

· If you are using Greenbrrew Instant Vegetable & Fruit Washer Spray, then you need to spray 2-3 times, leave them on the surface for 5 minutes and then rinse them with clean water. 

· In the case of Dr. Vaidya’s HerboCleanse Fruit & Veggie Wash, you will need to add two caps of the product to a liter of water. They will need to be soaked for a minute or two and then be cleaned by washing in clean water and rubbing.

Why Shop for Personal Care Products Online?

Personal Care products are things we cannot live without today. With so many ailments doing rounds and so much pollution, the least we can do is to take care of ourselves – our body and our health. 

  • By shopping for personal care products online, you gain access to a plethora of ayurvedic health care products and generic personal care products that you may or may not find in most shops. 
  • This gives you access to much more information where you can compare multiple products from different brands and get the one that you think suits your needs the most.
  • Then, you can have these products delivered to your doorstep for a very economical delivery fee.

Why Choose Wellcurve?

Every shopper seeks a platform, a common ground, from where he/she can buy all the essentials. As far as health & wellness are concerned, Wellcurve strives to keep you satisfied. We, at Wellcurve, have built a coherent platform that provides people with a variety of different products ranging from healthcare and personal care to healthy food alternatives. Also, it is extremely easy to find your way around the pages since the interface is user-friendly. The brochure of Wellcurve boasts of some of the most highly acclaimed and renowned herbal health care products and personal care brands that deliver only the finest of products to the people.

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