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Quicks snacks such as chips, puffs, and namkeen have become an unavoidable part of our daily diet to pacify hunger pangs in between meals. But, most of the chips and puffs are fried and contain a lot of calories, unhealthy fats, and carbohydrates. This can deteriorate your health to a great extent.

In that case, what do you do? Obviously, you look for healthier alternatives to pacify your cravings and still not compromise with a healthy diet. Wellcurve brings to you a range of chips, puffs, crackers, and much more to promote healthy eating habits.

Each product under the category is either baked or vacuum fried using 100% organic ingredients to ensure the nutrition isn’t hampered in any way. You can buy chips online, put together using organic ingredients and fine techniques of cooking, at favorable chips & puffs prices.

Some of the best chips & puffs brands available at Wellcurve are Monsoon Harvest, Poshtick, Slurrp Farm, SnackWise, etc.

Nutrition Breakdown of Chips & Puffs

  • Dietary fibres
  • Proteins
  • Carbs
  • Healthy fats
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin A, C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Sugar

Different Types of Chips & Puffs

From a wide range of healthy snacks online, here are some supreme types of chips you can buy online:

  1. Vegetable Chips: These are made by naturally drying and vacuum frying real vegetables. For example Potato, Beetroot, Okra, Raw Banana, Garlic vegetables, etc.
  2. Fruit Chips: These are made with 100% real fruits such as mango, banana, sweet potato, Jamun, coconut chips, etc.
  3. Baked Crackers: These are made using healthy cooking techniques- baking. Since these are baked and not fried, they would not cause a spike in your cholesterol levels.
  4. Vacuum Fried Chips: Another example of healthy cooking technique- vacuum fried chips. These are cooked by vacuum frying which is 10x healthier than regular frying.
  5. Superfood Puffs: These puffs are made using superfoods, mainly super grains and seeds, such as ragi, millets, quinoa, etc.

Benefits of Organic Healthy Chips & Puffs

Besides pacifying your food cravings and hunger pangs, here are some health benefits associated with eating healthy chips & puffs-

  1. Chips & puffs that are baked, vacuum fried, or naturally dried and not fried in refined oils are extremely healthy, and devoid of any harmful ingredient.
  2. Healthier alternatives of chips & puffs are made using vegetables, fruits, cereals, super grains, etc. which fortify proteins, vitamins, and minerals in the body.
  3. Chips & puffs made with wholesome ingredients like quinoa, ragi, millet, etc. are low in calories and low in carbs. Such snacks do not cause a spike in your cholesterol levels.
  4. Vegetable chips and super grain puffs can contribute to the daily recommended protein and fibre intake.
  5. Banana, potato, and many other bestsellers chips are available at feasible chips price online to facilitate consumer preferences.

Why Order Chips Online From Wellcurve?

There are several benefits associated with online shopping such as exclusive discounts, more options to choose from, and more brands under one roof. Quite evidently, you should order chips online to avail all these benefits. To facilitate the same, Wellcurve has curated the most premium brands for the customers.

You can buy chips online and get your hands on the huge collection of popular packs such as potato and banana chips. At Wellcurve, the products range from flavours like chilli chatka, roasted garlic, cheese jalapeno to the regular flavours like classic salted herbs & cheese, and black pepper.

Moreover, you can easily compare the products with different sellers and get the best chips prices and puff prices. With convenient and safe healthy chips shopping, Wellcurve makes the entire experience worth your time.

Chips and Puffs Price List at Wellcurve

BrandsPrice Range
Bagrry’s₹110.00 – ₹140.00
Bluff Snacks₹80.00 – ₹300.00
Monsoon Harvest₹128.00
Mojo Bar₹70.00 – ₹250.00
Poshtick₹60.00 – ₹145.00
Sattviko₹30.00 – ₹150.00
Slurrp Farm₹200.00 – ₹240.00
Snackible₹40.00 – ₹180.00
Flippies₹40.00 – ₹110.00
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