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Makhana (Fox Nuts)

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Makhana is also known as fox nuts, and it is a favorite Indian snacking item. It’s used in many sweet and savory dishes, but it is most loved as an evening tea time snack. Makhana is also a popular ‘fasting’ snack in India and is often used in religious and traditional ceremonies. The best part is that makhanas have a crunchy and creamy texture, because of which it tastes great! You can buy Makhana online from Wellcurve at affordable prices and also get the best deal in your shop! Wellcurve offers a range of flavored, crunchy, and mouth-watering makhanas that you can enjoy with your kids and family.

Makhanas That Keep A Check On Your Weight

Believe it or not! Makhana or fox nuts are great weight-loss snacks as they are impressively low in calories and fat. Another great thing is that fox nuts keep your stomach filled for a long time, and that reduces unnecessary snacking. The protein present in Makhana keeps you away from overeating too.

We often crave something with a pop of flavor with our evening tea or late at night, and that’s when we give in to junks. You may wonder what harm would a small packet of chips do! The truth is that a small package of processed chips/food has a lot of empty calories and zero nutritional benefits. So, it’s high time that we rethink and reimagine our daily snacks and make a switch to a healthy alternative.

Benefits of Makhana And Why You Should Buy It!

Makhana or Fox nuts are very nutritious and popular among people living a healthy and fit lifestyle. This is because makhanas have a lot of benefits to offer!

  • Makhanas are low-fat and an ideal snack for people on a low-fat diet.
  • It promotes heart health since it has a low sodium content.
  • Makhanas are protein-rich and contain many essential nutrients.
  • It’s a perfect gluten-free snack option for gluten allergic people.
  • Its low glycemic index makes it a good choice for people with diabetes.
  • Makhanas is packed with flavonoids that reduce aging and inflammation. 

What Is The Best Time To Consume It?

Makhana is a light snack and can be consumed at any time of the day! However, the best time to consume Makhana is either in between meals when a hunger pang hits you or late at night when you’re craving to munch on something!

Why Makhana is a great in-between snack is because it’s very light on the stomach. It is low in cholesterol, tasty, and filled with essential nutrients. If that’s not enough, Makhana is also a versatile food item that can be cooked and prepared in various ways.

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