Immunity Boosters

  • haldivita-elaichi-pista-supplement-250g
    Haldivita Elaichi Pista Daily Dietary Supplement

    About the product

    Haldivita Elaichi Pista Supplement is put together using turmeric, elaichi and pista. It is a natural supplement fortified with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This turmeric based drink is suitable for people of all age groups.

    Health Benefits:

    Boosts immunity naturally
    Helps in fighting infections
    Boosts Brain Health

    How to Consume: Add 2 tsp. of Haldivita in a glass of milk. For best results it should be consumed twice a day for a month.

    Haldivita Elaichi Pista Daily Dietary SupplementImmunity Booster


    399.00 ADD
  • Nutriorg Tulsi Ark

    About the product:

    Tulsi Ark available in 30ml is prepared with 4 varieties of Tulsi: Shyam Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Shwet Tulsi and Nimbu Tulsi mixed in effective proportions. Tulsi is known as a medicinal plant for its antibacterial qualities

    Health Benefits:

    1. Anti-bacterial Potion 
    2. Great immunity booster 
    3. Helps in lowering blood pressure

    How to Consume: A drop of Nutriorg tulsi ark is to be added to 200ml of lukewarm water and can be consumed two times a day. 

    Nutriorg Tulsi Ark100% Natural


    166.00195.00 ADD
  • pro-nature-apple-cider-vinegar-500ml-pet
    Pro Nature Apple Cider Vinegar

    About the product:

    Pro Nature Vinegar -500 ml is made from the Himalyan apples. It is grown organically and is fermented naturally to make sure that there are no lost vitamins or minerals. The product is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized with a colony of bacteria which are biologically active. 

    Health Benefits:

    1. Helps in alkalizing your body.
    2. Improves digestion, reduces acidity and bloating.
    3. Controls blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels.

    How to consume:

    Take 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 3 parts of water. It should be taken before and after meals.

    Pro Nature Apple Cider Vinegar100% Organic


    560.00 ADD
  • chai-craft-with-turmeric-cardamom-tulsi-green-tea-50g
    Chai Craft Brahmi, Turmeric, Cardamom & Tulsi Green Tea

    About the product:

    Chai Craft’s Brahmi Green tea is infused with turmeric, cardamom, tulsi and other essential ingredients to form an immunity-boosting formula. It is an ideal conventional morning tea replacement. Brahmi Green Tea has several antioxidants which promote longevity & rejuvenates the nervous system.

    Health benefits:

    1. Rich in antioxidants
    2. Rejuvenates the nervous system
    3. Helps boost immunity

    How to consume: Add one teaspoon of Brahmi green tea for 150 ml of water which has just come to a boil. Let it cool briefly before pouring over leaves. Steep for 3 minutes.

  • Nutriorg Barley Grass Powder Dietary Supplement

    About The Product:

    Barley Grass Powder by Nutriorg is certified organic and a repository of vitamin B1, B2, B12, iron and magnesium. It is made with proper hygiene and is 100% organic. It cleans your body, removes waste and purifies the liver.

    Health Benefits:

    1. Improves skin quality and elasticity
    2. Purifies liver
    3. Rich in antioxidants

    How To Consume

    1/4 – 1/2 tsp. in a glass of water on a daily basis. take twice a day.

  • herbchick-peri-peri-flavour-chicken-bar-65g-x-6
    Herbchick Peri Peri Flavour Chicken Protein BarKeto

    390g (65g*6)

    540.00 ADD
  • Nutriorg Aloe Vera Kiwi Juice

    About The Product

    Kiwi Aloe vera Juice by Nutriorg is 100% organic and unadulterated as it is combined together using natural aloe vera pulp and kiwi. Its nutritional value is enhanced with essential Amino acids that provide important nutrients and vitamins.

    Health Benefits:

    • Naturally enhances immunity
    • Mitigates indigestion and constipation
    • Anti-inflammatory in nature

    How to consume:

    Consume 30 ml in 200 ml of lukewarm water.  Can be taken twice a day (empty stomach)

    Nutriorg Aloe Vera Kiwi Juice100% Natural


    276.00325.00 ADD
  • suprabhat chai tulsi green tea 100g
    Butterfly Ayurveda (Tulsi + Green Tea) Suprabhat Chai
    • Made with Darjeeling Green Tea Leaves with Tulsi, Kali Mirch, Brahmi & Mulethi
    • Improves concentration
    • Lowers uric acid
    Butterfly Ayurveda (Tulsi + Green Tea) Suprabhat Chai100% Natural


    425.00 ADD
  • Nutriorg Aloe Vera Strawberry Juice

    About The Product:

    Nutriorg Aloe Vera Strawberry juice is produced with 100% organic aloe vera pulp and strawberry. This juice acts as a natural blood cleanser and is great for your digestive system. 

    Health Benefits:

    • Amplifies immunity.
    • Acts as natural blood disinfectant
    • Reduces pain in joints
    • Filled with antioxidants

    How to consume:

    Combine 30 ml of juice with 150 – 200ml of water. Drink 2 times in a day. Consume it on an empty stomach.

    Nutriorg Aloe Vera Strawberry Juice100% Natural


    276.00325.00 ADD
  • Akiva Apple Cider Vinegar

    About the product:

    Akiva’s apple cider vinegar is manufactured using fermented real apple juice rather than concrete. The apples are garnered from the Shivalik range of Himalayas and then are further suffused with natural ginger and turmeric.

    Health Benefits:

    1. Helps in weight management
    2. Removes toxins and balances PH levels
    3. Can control acne and hair fall

    How to consume: Dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 3 parts of water and consume before or after meal. Undiluted vinegar can be spread on salads. Dilute with water and apply it on your skin or hair for best results. Can be added to food items like pasta.

    Akiva Apple Cider Vinegar100% Raw


    594.00625.00 ADD
  • Nutriorg Aloe Vera Juice

    About The Product

    The Aloe vera juice-500 ml by Nutriorg is prepared with pure aloe vera pulp. With no preservatives and no added sugar. The home grown aloe vera is organic certified and is the only ingredient used in the whole juice.

    Health Benefits:

    1. Powerful laxative: Mitigates constipation
    2. Charged with vitamin A, B1, B6, B12, and C.
    3. Helps in weight management

    How to consume:

    30 ml, every morning and evening in 200 ml of lukewarm water (empty stomach)

    Nutriorg Aloe Vera Juice100% Natural


    242.00285.00 ADD
  • Nutriorg Plate Booster Juice

    About the product:

    Plate booster juice by Nutriorg as it is a very unique combination of 10 important herbs including Giloy, Papaya, Aloevera, Ginger, Tulsi, Mulethi, Blackpepper, Turmeric, Ashwagandha and Neem. The juice is said to be good for detoxification and immunity . 

    Health Benefits:

    1. Helps in formation of Platelets 
    2. Averts bloating and digestive issues
    3. Removes harmful toxins from the body
    4. Amplifies your immunity.

    How to Consume:

    Consume 30 ml Nutriorg Plate Booster Juice by mixing in 150-200ml of  lukewarm water. Take twice a day in the morning and evening. For good results it needs to be consumed on a daily basis.

    Nutriorg Plate Booster Juice100% Natural


    276.00325.00 ADD

Order Immunity Booster Online

The idea of a healthy lifestyle is often hindered by the onset of viruses and diseases. To fight such obstacles, we need stronger immunity which comes with several antibodies, proteins, and compounds that can prevent the body from infections, diseases, etc. If you are looking for some favorable supplements, you can shop for immunity boosters online. From vitamin C or D, tulsi ark, apple cider vinegar, protein powders, to matcha green tea powder, you can buy immunity boosters online from Wellcurve at suitable prices. We offer the best immune supplements from premium brands such as NutriOrg, Akiva Superfoods, Pro Nature, TGL, Butterfly Ayurveda, and many more.

What are Immunity Boosters?

Immunity boosters are products, it can be medicines, food items, or drinks, which have the tendency of supporting your immune system and provide fill your diet with recommended nutrition, which is otherwise missed in a normal diet.

These supplements and food items are designed to increase the body’s ability to fight against illnesses caused due to infections, viruses, bad bacteria, etc. When the immune system becomes stronger, it is able to detect the presence of harmful bacteria and viruses entering the body, called antigens, and attack them by producing antibodies.

Organic Products That Will Boost Your Immunity

Natural immunity system boosters containing antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and minerals are said to have excellent effects on the body. Here are the best products that will boost your immunity naturally:

  1. Tulsi Ark
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. Herbal Matcha Green Tea
  4. Wheatgrass energy shots
  5. Detox Tea
  6. Amla Powder
  7. Aloe Vera Juice
  8. Barley Grass Powder
  9. Chyawanprash Capsules or Paste
  10. Ashwagandha
  11. Tulsi Giloy

You can shop for tulsi ark online and other products from the list such as apple cider vinegar online to get the best prices and 100% assured quality at Wellcurve.

Benefits and Uses of Immune System Boosters

Here are some common benefits of natural immunity boosters online:

  • Improves gut health
  • Boosts energy level
  • Increases good bacteria
  • Prevents infections like cold, coughs, influenza, etc.
  • Improves digestion
  • Fights exhaustion
  • Provides calcium
  • Boosts strength and stamina
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Strengthens liver function
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Prevents respiratory ailments
  • Provides antioxidants

How do Immunity Boosters work

Our immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs which helps in preventing the body from several infections, viruses, and diseases. However, some people have a weak immune system and some have a strong immune system.

Immunity boosters are not necessarily antibiotic or protein capsules and supplements. These can be regular food items which provide the body with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that work towards making the immune system stronger.

Our regular diet, at times, fails to provide all the vital micronutrients that are beneficial for the immune system. Some organic immunity system boosters such as Tulsi Ark, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ashwagandha, etc. are fortified with iron, calcium, proteins, vitamins, and minerals which are pertinent immunity-boosting elements.

Why Choose Wellcurve For Online Shopping

Wellcurve believes in a natural way of fortifying the human body with nutrients rather than filling it with artificial medicines, supplements, etc. Hence, it is your one-stop-shop for all the organic and natural immunity boosters online from the authentic brands in the market.

At Wellcurve, you will not just get to shop from a wide range of immunity boosters such as tulsi ark, ashwagandha capsules and powder, chyawanprash capsules and paste, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, and much more, but also avail feasible immunity booster prices discounted for health-conscious customers.

To get the most out of organic immunity boosters, Wellcurve has curated its category with products loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, calcium, and more. The antioxidants from these supreme products will help in boosting the defence mechanism of the human body and make your immune system stronger.


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