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Ask a kid and you’ll know, there is no such thing called too many candies. But the undeniable fact about cavities and tooth decay, caused by sugary and processed candies, holds true for all. Such candies do no good for any child. How about finding an equally flavourful yet relatively healthy option? Like, real Fruit-based candies! Real fruit candies are made with 100% fruits such as peaches, apples, strawberries, and many more. These are chewy, fruity drops, ideal for kids who love to gauge onto candies and chocolates.

Wondering where would you find real fruit candies? We have the ultimate solution. Shop for kids candy online from Wellcurve and fill your bags with fruity delicacies of taste and nutrition. You can buy candy online from dedicated brands such as Fruit Forests, Soulfull, etc. at discounted prices of candy.

Benefits of Fruit-Based Candies

  • Contains 98% real fruits
  • Rich source of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals from real fruits
  • Rich in antioxidants and plant proteins
  • A delicious way of consuming nutrients
  • An excellent alternative of sugary candies and chocolates
  • Does not cause tooth decay or harm the teeth in any way
  • Vegan candies with no added preservatives and artificial flavours

Sugar-Based and Fruit-Based Candies: A Comparison

ParametersFruit-based CandiesSugar-based Candies
Calories 3060
Primary IngredientReal fruitsSugar and natural & artificial flavours
PreservativesGenerally absentGenerally present
Dietary Fibre contentHighLow to No
Source of sweetnessFruitsCorn syrup, sugar. etc.
Possibility of Tooth decayVery Low to NoVery high

Healthiest Fruit Candies Online for Kids

  1. Peach real fruit Gummies: Containing 98% real peaches, this candy is soft, chewy, and filled with fruity flavours. These are a great source of dietary fibres, vitamins, and minerals.
  2. Mango Passion Fruit Gummies: These soft and chewy gummies are made with real mangoes and passion fruit. These make a great substitute for sugary Kids snacks with a natural delectable fruity sweetness.
  3. Pear Fruit Gummies: These 100 % vegan candies are made with real pear fruit. These are an excellent source of fruit protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  4. Raspberry Gummies: These gummies are loaded with antioxidants which they get from real raspberries. These contain no artificial flavours and preservatives.
  5. Strawberry Gummies: Just like other real fruit gummy candies, these are made with 98% strawberries and no added artificial flavours. You can order candy online and savour the goodness at affordable kids candy prices.

Nutritional Breakdown of Fruity Candies for Kids

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Proteins
  3. Dietary fibres
  4. Sodium
  5. Amino acids
  6. Fatty acids
  7. Vitamin A, C
  8. Calcium
  9. Iron
  10. Sugar
  11. Potassium

Fruit-based candies also contain calories but these are much lower than the calories in sugar-made candies and chocolates. Shop from the online candy store at Wellcurve and pick your favourite fruit flavours, all under one roof.

Choose Wellcurve to Candy Online Shopping

Several brands are promising real fruit candies for kids in the market. However, most of the brands add sugar and preservatives to their products which can hinder the nutrition value which makes fruit-based candies a considerable option. But, at Wellcurve, you will be provided with the most authentic brands such as Fruit Forest providing candies online for kids.

Brands like this have maintained transparency in the branding to allow the customers to choose from the best. Besides that, you can also choose from several flavours such as strawberry, peach, raspberry, passion fruit, mangoes, etc. whichever suits your preference.

Moreover, Wellcurve makes sure that its customers are saved from additional charges, which may be applied on shopping offline, with discounted candies price.

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