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Kids and their love for packed food are never-ending. The hardship is saying no to their demands for chips and snakes. Being a responsible guardian, one doesn’t feel like giving the kids unhealthy snacks. Thanks to wellcurve, they have a wide range of premium snacks. The relief is they are safe for consumption by kids and are manufactured to keep the kids' health in mind. Give kids snacks offered by Wellcurve to your kids, they are a combination of health and taste.

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Buy Healthy Chips For Kids Online

Kids are always craving snacks. However, processed chips and crisps can be harmful to their stomach. There are several healthier alternatives to regular chips and crisps, made from vegetables and fruits, which would not cause any harm to your child’s health and still pacify his cravings. Wellcurve has a huge stock of healthy chips for kids online, including various crisps and melties to bring something interesting yet nutritious to their plate. You can buy crisps online at the best prices, from premium brands, and get extra discounts too.

Types of Chips and Crisps for Kids

Wellcurve has always been on the lookout for healthy alternatives for regular snacks and shakes so that we can lead a healthy life without compromising our wants and needs. Here are a few healthy chips for kids and crisps that are available on our website:

  1. Slurrp Farm Cheese & Herbs Flavour Mighty Puffs – Made from healthy ingredients like barley, parsley, ragi, and jowar, this mouth-watering product maintains the balance between the cheesy taste and nutrition.
  2. Slurrp Farm Choco Ragi Flavour Mighty Puffs – This product contains ingredients like cocoa, whole grain rice, ragi, jowar, etc. They are low on sugar and do not contain artificial flavouring, and thus is one of the best healthy chips for kids.
  3. Timios Mini Oaty Bites Nuts & Berries – The goodness of oats, berries, nuts, and dates make this a snack loved by kids all across the country.
  4. Slurrp Farm Tangy Tomato Mighty Puffs Snacks Party – With ingredients like milk powder, flour, jowar, bajra, etc., these baked puffs are every kid’s favourite snack.
  5. Slurrp Farm Three Awesome Flavours Snacks Combo – This combo contains the three best flavours of Slurrp’s most sought-after flavours of chips. This is the best option to avail when you are looking to buy crisps.
  6. Timios Mini Oaty Bites Apple & Kiwi – This snack contains all the goodness of the real fruits – Kiwi and Apple. It is also low on sugar and salt, and hence, it is the right choice for kids’ snacks.

What are Melties?

Melties are healthy snacks that melt in the kids’ mouths with all the goodness of natural fruits and vegetables. They do not contain additives or preservatives and are 100% organically flavoured. Wellcurve has some of the best Melties that you can find. Products like Timios Apple & Cinnamon Melts or Timios Carrot & Cumin Melts are snacks that both parents and kids can get on board.

Nutritional Benefits of Melties

Listed below is a detailed description of the dietary benefits that kids can get from Melties:

  • These snacks are safe for kids’ consumption since they do not contain artificial flavours, additives, or colouring. They are seasoned with natural spices and fruit flavours.
  • Wellcurve’s Melties products contain wholesome ingredients that provide young minds with the nutritional needs they need.
  • The snacks have low sugar and salt content, making it a viable snacking option for children.
  • These snacks are made with whole grains that satisfy the children’s hunger pangs and provide them with the essential nutrients that the body needs.

Ingredients that Make Chips, Crisps, and Melties Healthy For Kids

Here are a few essential ingredients that healthy chips for kids, Melties, and Crisps can provide:

  1. It contains Ragi – Ragi is a good source of fiber and protein that helps develop the child’s body and immunity.
  2. It contains real fruits – These chips and melties are made from the natural and 100% organic extracts of.
  3. It contains berries and nuts – Kids generally avoid eating nuts and berries. Most kids do not like eating healthy, for that matter. However, Wellcurve’s snacks pack nutritional value from berries and nuts that are masked by the delectable flavours that kids love.
  4. Real vegetables – Kids tend to stay away from vegetables. However, it is one of the most essential constituents of a healthy diet. By consuming these snacks, children get the benefits of vegetables by consuming them in snacks.
  5. Not fried – Fried snacks are unhealthy, and health-wise fried snacks are not a good option for kids. Our healthy snacks are baked and not fried, so if kids want to binge on Wellcurve’s snacks, shop crisps from Wellcurve; since then there is no reason for them not to.

Why Should You Buy Crisps and Chips for Kids Online?

The internet has made it convenient for parents to choose from several different healthy chips and order crisps online that can keep your child’s hands and mouth busy. There are multiple options that they can choose from and decide which would go best with the kids’ dietary pattern. Furthermore, there are many offers and discounts that people can avail if they purchase chips for kids.

Why Should You Choose Wellcurve?

We understands that it is not viable to make the kids practice abstinence from snacking. Unlike in the days of the past, when snacking was considered to be an unhealthy habit for a kid to develop an altogether discouraged, names like Wellcurve have found healthy snacking alternatives that not only makes snacking a delight but also provides the kids with the necessary nutrition that they need and probably do not get from other foods.

We have a wide assortment of healthy products and healthy snacks to choose from, and therefore, more and more people are opting to order crisps online. They are affiliated with premium brands that deliver the best of healthy products. Also, the prices on Wellcurve are much more reasonable than anywhere else.

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