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Sleep Disorder

Getting a night of good sleep is crucial for deciding how productive and active you will be the whole day. A couple of hours of sleep helps your brain function well, improves memory, relieves stress, improves mood and many more. On the contrary, if the sleeping cycle is disturbed and abrupt, it might lower productivity. These days a majority of people undergo this issue. Addressing sleep disorder issues, it's a condition which changes your sleep pattern from a healthy sleeping habit to an unhealthy one. This affects your overall health, productivity and quality of life. Further in this blog, we have discussed a few foods that can help you bring your sleeping pattern back on track.

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Sleep Disorder Products Available at Wellcurve

When the sleeping cycle gets disturbed, one is completely blank and could think of anything properly. In this scenario, one looks for options to help correct the sleeping cycle. So here we are with the best option ever. Going for sleep-friendly food can naturally improve your sleep and help you get better with sleeping issues.

(1) Ghee

One of the chief ingredients in every kitchen, it helps improve sleep. Ghee is one of the best sleep disorder products, containing vital nutrients.

(2) Makhana

The ingredient has nerve-stimulating properties that aid in reducing stress, improving sleep patterns and also cure possible sleep disorders.

(3) Sea Fish oil

As sea fish oil is rich in omega-3, and in particular, DHA is found helpful in rectifying the sleep pattern and revamping sleep.

(4) Pink Salt

The salt is enriched with various health-beneficial nutrients that contribute to correcting the sleeping pattern.

Foods Helpful in Sleep Disorder

If you are having trouble getting sound sleep, then it’s a serious issue to address. If you are consistently facing issues with sleeping. We suggest a couple of options you can consider to get rich of uneven sleeping habits.

(1) Kiwi:- The fruit is enriched with antioxidants and serotonin both components together contribute to addressing the issue of sleep disorder.

(2) Tart Cherries:- The food works positively towards curing the sleep disorder issue due to the tryptophan and melatonin complex.

(3) Malted Milk:- It is rich in essential nutrients like vitamin B, zinc, iron, phosphorous and magnesium which help make you stress-free and keep the body relaxed.

(4) Chamomile Tea:- The tea contains apigenin, antioxidants that attach several receptors together to the brain that encourage sleepiness.

(5) Pistachio:- The dry fruit is loaded with protein, vitamin B6, and magnesium all these nutrients contribute to elevating sound sleep.

(6) White Rice:- Rice works best when consumed during the night, as white rice has a high quotient of glycemic index, which helps in better sleep.

(7) Walnuts:- They have commendable nutritional value, especially because they are rich in the sleep-regulating hormone, omega-3 fatty acid, tryptophan and melatonin, which is good for sleep.

(8) Dark Chocolates:- It has a compound called tryptophan, the chemical responsible for producing the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brand, which naturally helps maintain healthy sleep patterns.

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