Akiva – Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar Ready To Drink Shots Pack of 15 – 600ml (GMP Certified)


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About The Product

Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar Shots by Akiva is a very unique blend of health and taste which comes with extensive benefits as it contains no refined sugars and is low on calorie which makes it appropriate for consumption of kids as well.

Health Benefits

  1. Enhances immunity
  2. Keeps your heart healthy
  3. Charged with antioxidants

How To Consume

Shake it and consume it directly from the bottle. 1 shot in a day


About The Product

Akiva’s Green Tea Apple cider vinegar shots will help you manage your weight as well as enhance your immunity. These shots are put together using ingredients like green tea, apple cider vinegar and fennel which are 100% natural and that is why recommended by health professionals and nutritionists. These shots are easy to take along as well as consume on a daily basis.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Apple cider vinegar helps in increasing the healthy gut bacteria. It also helps in treating heartburn and acid reflux.
  • ACV is antibacterial in nature and that is why it prevents bacterial infections. It also reduces fatigue and gives instant energy.
  • Green tea might help in reducing the blood pressure along with the reduction of bad cholesterol. It manages the ratio of good cholesterol as well.
  • Green tea is anti-inflammatory in nature and is also charged with antioxidants which makes it helpful in treating wrinkles and slows down the ageing process.
  • Fennel purifies blood, reduces acne and helps in combating against digestive issues like constipation.
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1 Review For This Product

  1. 02

    by Ashutosh Kumar

    All their shots are super awesome. I keep on switching from one to another. They are great for your health.

  2. 02

    by Karan Kadiyan

    Try it on empty stomach to lose weight.

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Akiva Green Tea pack of 15

Akiva - Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar Ready To Drink Shots Pack of 15 - 600ml (GMP Certified)


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