Buy Alpino - Classic Smooth Peanut Butter - 400g (Keto) Online
Buy Alpino - Classic Smooth Peanut Butter - 400g (Keto) Online
Buy Alpino - Classic Smooth Peanut Butter - 400g (Keto) Online
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Alpino – Classic Smooth Peanut Butter – 400g (Keto)

Country of Origin: Country of Origin: India
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About the product:

Alpino’s Classic Smooth Peanut Butter (400g) is a gluten-free spread made with minimal ingredients- roasted peanuts and a very little salt & sugar. Peanut butter is high in protein which makes it an ideal food item to be added in our daily lives.

Health Benefits:

  1. High in proteins
  2. Helps in weight management
  3. No added chemicals and preservatives

How to consume: Alpino’s Peanut Butter can be used as a spread for sandwiches and tortillas. Can be added to smoothies and desserts.

About the product:

Alpino’s Classic Smooth Peanut Butter is made with 100% whole ingredients in the absence of chemicals and preservatives. The key ingredients being roasted peanuts helps maintain energy level in the body and also aids weight loss. Since it is a gluten-free product, health-conscious individuals can add this to the regular diet. It is made with no stabilizers and tastes exactly like a jar of roasted peanuts.

Nutritional Benefits of the product:

  • Smooth textured peanut butter is good for those who are not a fan of crunchy peanut butter
  • The rich flavour of peanuts with the accurate quantity of proteins (8g), healthy fats (16g), carbohydrates and zero cholesterol
  • A healthy add-on to a healthy diet for men, women and kids
  • Free from any artificial stabilizers, and rich in the goodness of roasted peanuts, this variant of peanut butter helps get an energy boost
  • Alpino’s Classic Peanut butter, unlike other ordinary peanut butter, is natural and has no preservatives
  • Classic Smooth Peanut Butter by Alpino is gluten-free which makes it an ideal product for health-conscious people on a healthy diet
  • It leaves the stomach feeling full which, as a result, lowers the calorie consumption and finally helps in weight loss

Customers' review

Rated 4.00 out of 5 stars
8 reviews
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8 reviews for Alpino – Classic Smooth Peanut Butter – 400g (Keto)

    5 out of 5

    I have used Alpino Peanut butter for a while and it is the best brand in the market with the highest protein content. Take my advice and go for it.

    4 out of 5

    Always my go to peanut butter. I like this a lot and it has decent flavor too. My Gym trainer also mentioned this brand to me and said they make some of the best butters.

    4 out of 5

    Open, take, spread, eat!! This classic Alpino Peanut butter smooth is super smooth and I simply love it. Next time I am going to take the 1KG pack or bigger on if there is. Its a must in your fridge. 

    4 out of 5

    The product is great for everyone looking for protein fix, especially vegans and vegetarians. Apply on roti, bread or have a spoonful. Just remember to have enough water through the day but not soon after you have had the product.

    4 out of 5

    Smooth, pure and organic. One lick and I knew it was made the right way. I just wish the packaging was slightly better.

    4 out of 5

    Classic is always a classic, The perfect partner for your midday meal, a spoonful of this classic spread on a toast will get you sorted for 2-3 hours hands-down. I also take a spoonful of this delicious spread before I hit the gym, it gives me enough energy for my hardcore Leg day.

    4 out of 5

    OH WOW! The most healthiest yet extremely tasty snack you could ever have. You can simply use this in shakes and as a spread on bread. This can be your evening best friend. This one is creamy, you can also try the crunchy variant of this peanut butter. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    3 out of 5

    Great product bad packaging. The oil from the box leaked in my bag :(

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