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About the product:

Alpino’s Natural Crunch Peanut Butter is crafted with roasted peanuts and no artificial ingredients whatsoever. Unlike ordinary peanut butter, this product is 100% natural, unsweetened, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Health Benefits:

  1. Contains 10g of Proteins
  2. Zero trans fat
  3. Helps boost energy

How to consume: Can be eaten as it is from the jar, used as a spread or dressing for cakes and pastries. 1 full spoon pre/post-workout helps maintain energy level.

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About the product:

Alpino focuses on producing a peanut butter which is purely made up of organic peanuts and no artificial additives of any kind. The Natural Crunch variant is made with roasted peanuts and best for health-conscious people who like to relish a crunchy peanut spread. No sugar or salt has been added to the product to maintain the nutrition intact. Being a high-protein and gluten-free product, it is ideal for health-conscious individuals. It is keto-friendly and very high in fibres.

Nutritional benefits of the product:

  • Natural Crunch variant of Alpino’s Peanut Butter contains 10g dietary fibre, 30g protein, 0g trans fat, 21g carbohydrates and 0g cholesterol per 100g serving
  • The dietary fibre in this not just energises the body but also helps in lowering the calorie intake by leaving the stomach feeling fuller
  • High in protein peanut butter fulfils the protein requirement which is otherwise missed in the daily routine
  • 100% vegetarian, keto-friendly and gluten-free product. Non-GMO and no hydrogenated oils added
  • It is an unsweetened, nutrient-rich product which boosts energy and immunity
  • It can be eaten directly from the jar to pacify hunger pangs between meals
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    by Sanjaid Khan

    I absolutely love the taste of this Natural Alpino Peanut Butter, My favorite is the Classic version but this one is great too. PRO TIP- Don’t forget to mix it up before use it.

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