Avadata Organics – Pure A2 Desi Cow Ghee – 200g (100% Organic)

Country of Origin: Country of Origin: India


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About The Product:

Extracted from the cream of desi cow’s milk, Avadata pure ghee serves as a delightful companion to a simple meal. It not only adds to the flavour of cooked dals and vegetables but also filled with extensive benefits.

Health Benefits:

  1. Revitalizes secretion of enzymes
  2. Easy to absorb due to fat-soluble nutrients
  3. Good for external wounds

How To Consume: Owing to its multiple applications, it can be added to dal, veg curries,  khichdi, sweet dish or on chapati twice a day.

About The Product:

Desi ghee is an integral part of every kitchen as it not only alleviates the flavour of food but also comes with an array of benefits. Processed using full cream cow’s milk this ghee is a buyer’s delight. Adding IT to your daily diet is uncomplicated and it is suitable for people of all ages due to its high nutritional value.

Nutritional Benefits Of The Product:

  • Ghee consists of fat-soluble vitamins which might aid weight loss.
  • It could be vital to hormonal balancing and maintaining healthy cholesterol.
  • It also helps in curing constipation.
  • Being a rich source of fat-soluble vitamins, ghee helps in the growth and development of bones and also strengthens our immune system.
  • Vital fatty acids may be beneficial in hydrating dry skin.
  • It keeps you warm from within and is also a very good source of energy.
  • Ghee reduces the glycemic index in chapatis.

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