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About The Product:

Coriander whole by Avadata Organic is purely organic and homegrown. It is harvested when the plant turns brown and leaves start to dry and fall. Coriander benefits are not restricted to just the kitchen, but it is also used in medicinal experiments.

Health Benefits:

  1. Could boost appetite
  2. Relieves muscle stiffness and sore joints.
  3. Amplifies blood circulation

How To Consume: It can be consumed in veg-curries, dals, biryanis or pulao.

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38.0040.00 (-5%)

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About The Product:

Avadata Organics introduces coriander whole, popularly known as dhania in its most natural form. It has no preservative or any artificial additives. Dhania is known for it’s garnishing flavour along with its medicinal properties. These seeds are plump and brown in colour and they consist of essential oils in its hollow which increases the flavour of every dish.

Nutritional Benefits Of The Product:

  • Bearing antiseptic properties, coriander seeds might be good for curing skin inflammation and rashes.
  • Regular consumption may invigorate hair roots and fortify the hair follicles.
  • Antioxidant properties of dhania powder and dietary fibre might facilitate smooth bowel movements.
  • Coriander seeds also contain a healthy dose of vitamin C. It might also help in curing a cold and flu.
  • They have natural stimulants, which could help in balancing the hormones.

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Avadata Organics Coriander Whole

38.0040.00 (-5%)

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