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About The Product

Tulsi Green Tea by Butterfly Ayurveda is compiled using 100% natural integrals which includes green tea as well as tulsi. Both these ingredients help in balancing Kapha Dosha and enhance physical and mental health.

Health Benefits

  1. Combat cold
  2. Enhances the nervous system
  3. Improves liver

How To Consume

100 ml of water needs to be boiled for. Turn off the gas and add 1-2 gm of tea to the pan and cover it. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Sieve it and enjoy with a pinch of lemon(optional)

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About The Product

The green tea leaves used in Butterfly Ayurveda’s Tulsi green tea are organically grown and diligently hand-picked from Glenburn Tea Estate of Darjeeling and dried Tulsi leaves. This blend is 100% verified and free from feigned flavours, colours, scents and extracts and can be consumed by people of all ages without any restrictions as it has no side effects.

Nutritional Benefits Of The Product

  • Being a cleansing as well as a purifying agent, Tulsi detoxifies if it is consumed or even applied externally. It aids to clear and healthy skin because of these features.
  • Tulsi also helps in aiding digestion and amplifying immunity. It also helps in relieving stress and strengthening your immunity.
  • Along with warding off harmful effects of free radical damage, Tulsi also helps in maintaining healthy oral health and gums.
  • Regular consumption of Tulsi is good for your blood sugar levels and various bodily processes.
  • Green tea helps in intensifying the metabolism which might fasten up the weight loss process
  • Green also helps in reducing the percentage of bad cholesterol while maintaining the percentage of good cholesterol.
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1 Review For This Product

  1. 04

    by Madhav Roy

    The quality of this tea is so good! One of the best green teas I have so far!

  2. 04

    by Amit Sawhney

    I found this green tea better than the other brands in the market.

  3. 04

    by Akriti

    I found this green tea better than the other brands in the market.

  4. 04

    by Karan

    I keep on experimenting with different brands and believe me now for a long time I am buying Butterfly Ayurveda green tea.

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