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Country Kitchen brings a unique range of vegetable flour, loaded with nutrients, high-quality ingredients, and daily nutrition. This organic flour is made with Green Peas. The mildly sweet and smoky flavored Green Peas Flour is blended with a low-gluten MP Sharbati Wheat. This flour is rich in iron, vitamin A and B1. It is excellent for digestive health and improves metabolism.

How to use?

Green Peas Flour can be used as a substitute for ordinary flour. It tastes great in soups, pasta, and pancakes.

HLS advantage

1. Country Kitchen introduces 100% organic vegetable flour, high in nutrition, and no preservatives
2. Vegan flour made with whole grains. Keto-friendly, low calorie, low fat, low gluten flour for a healthier lifestyle

Why you should buy it?

1. Green Peas flour is rich in essential nutrients such as iron and vitamin B1, A, which helps in the breaking down of fats quickly and improves metabolism
2. This flour is a nutritious substitute for ordinary flour blended with low in gluten Sharbati Wheat
3. Using this flour in a regular diet can enhance digestive health and aids weight loss
4. Green Peas flour is a low-carb, low calorie, high protein, fiber-rich flour. It is also favorable in a keto-diet

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