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Quinoa flour is a 100% organic flour set in motion by Country Kitchen. Quinoa seeds, grounded to produce the perfect flour filled with nutrients namely protein, phosphorus, overticin and kaempferol. Presence of these nutrients makes quinoa a superfood which boasts of being ideal for controlling sugar levels and aids weight loss.

How to use?

The dough made from this quinoa flour can be used on a daily basis to make chapatis, parathas, etc. It can also be used to bake muffins, prepare pancakes or pie crust.

HLS advantage

1. Quinoa flour is a perfect gluten-free, protein and fiber-rich diet food which is procured using 100% natural techniques.
2. Country Kitchen has competently perfected the art of producing organic, healthy, and low gluten-based food products to bring health benefits at the forefront.

Why you should buy it?

1. Quinoa flour is an excellent source of protein, and one of the few plant foods that can boats of all essentials amino acids in sufficient amounts.
2. The flour is loaded with flavonoids, quercetin and kaempferol that has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects.
3. A single cup serving of quinoa can boost up 17-27 grams of fibre in your body. It is preferred as a diet supplement by vegans because of its good protein content.
4. The soluble fibre in quinoa is also known to be beneficial in lowering cholesterol and increasing fullness.

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