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Flippies Chiptole Brown Rice Pop Chips

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About the product:

Flippies brown rice chips are mildly roasted chips with rich ingredients like brown rice, sunflower oil, natural flavours and sunflower oil. 100g of chips contain 6.4g proteins, 12.1g total fat and 67.5 carbohydrates. 

Health Benefits:

  1. Provides proteins
  2. Zero trans fat, zero cholesterol
  3. Low in calories

How to consume: Can be consumed any time of the day or between meals to pacify hunger pangs.

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About the product:

Flippies bring the gluten-free, brown rice chips to flip to snacks which are not just tasty but also won’t push your waistline. These chips are made with brown rice and a spicy combination of chipotle seasoning. A perfect vegan snack for every individual who keeps a check on his calorie intake. These chips contain proteins and dietary fibre to keep the body energetic.

Nutritional benefits of the product:

  • Made with ingredients which do not have an ill-effect on body weight
  • Low calorie and low fat product, ideal for weight watchers
  • Every 100g of the product has 6.4g proteins, 12.1g total fats, 404.5kcal energy and 67.5g carbohydrates
  • These can be enjoyed any time of the day to feel full in between meals
  • Flippies brown rice chips are roasted and not fried to make sure nutrient content is not hampered
  • All natural product with home-grown content
  • Contains no preservatives, zero trans fats, low in calories, no cholesterol 
  • A perfect binge eating a snack that is also vegan and gluten-free

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Flippies Chiptole Brown Rice Pop Chips