Flippies – Raw Mango Super Grain Puffs – 30g (High Protein)


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About The Product

Flippies Raw Mango Super Grain Puffs are manufactured using 100% natural and homegrown products which include quinoa, oats, jowar, and grams. These puffs are baked and their taste is enhanced by the mango seasoning.

Health Benefits:

  1. Rich in protein
  2. Non-fried
  3. No trans fat and cholesterol 
  4. 100% organic and has no preservatives.

How to consume: Can be consumed daily as an evening snack. Best with tea/coffee/beverages.

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About the product:

Raw Mango Puffs by Flippies are created with utmost vigilance for those who want to keep themselves healthy. These puffs are put together using home grown jowar, oats, grams, and quinoa and are perfectly baked to keep the nutrients intact. To maintain taste, these puffs are garnished with mango seasoning. It is a very good source of protein and has no added preservatives.

Nutritional Benefits of the Product:

  • Quinoa is filled with protein and might help in maintaining good gut health to fight against constipation.
  • Quinoa being a rich source of iron helps in regenerating red blood cells which enhances your haemoglobin content.
  • Oats help in maintaining blood sugar levels.
  • Oats give a very full feeling and might help you in losing weight.
  • Jowar is filled with magnesium, calcium, and copper which make the bone and tissue stronger. Good for improving immunity as well.
  • The use of gram improves digestion and reduces inflammation. It also promotes good heart health.

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Flippies Raw Mango Super Grain Puffs

Flippies - Raw Mango Super Grain Puffs - 30g (High Protein)