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About The Product:

Gaia Organic’s Real Fruit Crunchy Muesli is not only an ideal breakfast option but also a very healthy and nutrient-dense snack between meals. It is rich in fibre and contains zero cholesterol making it suitable for people of all ages.

Health Benefits:

  1. Good source of fibre
  2. Low on fat
  3. Aids weight loss

How To Consume: Add milk and enjoy it as your breakfast, Can be consumed directly from the pack as well.

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About The Product:

Real Fruit Muesli by Gaia Organics is a flavoursome amalgam of multigrain as well as luscious pieces of apple, raisins, pineapple and papaya. It is put together using rolled oats, wheat flakes and corn flakes which impart a very good dose of fibre. The fruit chunks give the whole mixture a fruity taste without the use of heavy sugar.

Nutritional Benefits Of The Product:

  • Muesli has a less amount of sugar in comparison to sweetened cereals in the market which might seem tempting but are filled with sugar.
  • The mixture is high in fibre as well as whole grains and both of them help in maintaining a healthy digestive tract.
  • Presence of raw oats, grains and fibre is exceptionally filling and takes a lot of time to digest. It reduces your appetite and speeds up your metabolism.
  • Consuming muesli on a daily basis might also help in the improvement of heart health as it contains beta-glucan.

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