Gaia Organics – Stevia Sachets – 25 Sachets (Natural Sweetener)


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About the product:

Gaia organic strives to provide its user with a combination of health and taste and stevia sachets are making it possible. These Stevia sachets are being considered as a great substitute for refined sugar as it has zero calories.

Health Benefits:

  1. Zero Calories and 100% fat-free
  2. Contains no aspartame (artificial sweetener)
  3. It is devised of plant-based inherent derivatives

How to consume: Each sachet= 1 tsp of sugar. Can be added during baking, cooking and hot beverages such as Tea and Coffee.

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About the product:

This pack of 25 Stevia sachets is organic and very easy to carry. These Stevia sachets by Gaia Organic are a great replacement of refined sugar as they have no calories and are totally plant-based. You can use these in desserts and various beverages to include them properly in your daily life.

Nutritional benefits of the product:

  • 100% calories and fat-free which make these Stevia sachets suitable for all the health-conscious people
  • Sugar contains a lot of calories whereas Stevia, even after being 200x sweeter than sugar, has no calories. This makes it suitable for every individual
  • Derived from plants which makes it fully organic and natural substitute
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame which is known to have adverse side-effects on the body
  • No aspartame additions as it can be detrimental to those having weight issues
  • Unlike other sugar-free substitutes, Stevia has no after-taste or side-effects on the body
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Gaia Organics - Stevia Sachets - 25 Sachets (Natural Sweetener)