Greenbrrew Hand Cleanser Gel with Vitamin E

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About the product: 

Greenbrrew’s Hand Cleanser Gel is a hand wash and cleanser made with natural neem and aloe vera extracts to help kill germs and ensure hand hygiene. 

Health Benefits:

  1. Kills germs and bacteria
  2. Contains natural content- Vit E, Aloe Vera and Neem
  3. Offers long-lasting germ protection

How to use: Pour at least 3ml of Greenbrrew hand cleanser gel on palm and rub on the hands and forearms. Rub for a minimum of 30 seconds until dry.

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About the product:

Greenbrrew Hand Cleanser Gel is infused with natural ingredients having antibacterial properties such as Neem and Aloe Vera. It can be used to kill germs instantly without water. While Neem extracts keep the hands disinfected, Aloe Vera keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. 

This product comes in a handy bottle which can also be easily carried along anywhere while travelling.

Nutritional Benefits of the product:

  • Neem and Aloe Vera extract in the product keeps the hands disinfected
  • Helps in killing germs, preventing infections and ensuring hand hygiene
  • Contains mild, cleansing substances which make it less irritating on the skin and requires less time than hand washing with soaps
  • Unlike other hand gels which make the skin dry, Greenbrrew Hand cleanser has Aloe-Vera which restores the natural skin moisture intact
  • It does not promote antimicrobial resistance on the skin
  • This can freshen the hands by not just killing the germs but also leaving a subtle fragrance

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Greenbrrew Hand Cleanser Gel with Vitamin E


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