Greenbrrew – Instant Vegetable and Fruits Washer Spray – 60ml


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About the product:

Greenbrrew Vegetable and Fruits washer spray made with food-grade ingredients to wash off the germs, bacteria and impurities which are stuck on food items. Contains organic disinfectants such as Lemon, Acidity Regulator and H2O.

Health Benefits:

  1. Disinfects fruits & vegetables without hampering nutrients
  2. Removes germs, dirt, impurities, pesticides and wax
  3. Chlorine and Detergent free

How to use: Use 2 – 3 sprays at a time, leave for 5 minutes and then wash with fresh water.

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About the product:

Washing your fruits and vegetables with just water and vinegar cannot entirely remove bacteria. Greenbrrew’s Vegetable and Fruits Washer Spray removes toxic germs, bacteria, pesticides, wax, chemicals and all kinds of impurities. It is made from organic ingredients, organic Lemon extract, acidity regulator and H2O.

Nutritional Benefits of the product:

  • This Fruits & Veggies Wash can be used to clean all kinds of fruits & vegetables except Mushrooms
  • Contains lemon which is capable of removing impurities
  • A chemical-free and safe product with no smell or aftertaste
  • Does not leave any residues on the food items
  • Unlike chemical-based soaps, Green Wash spray does not hamper the nutrients of fruits and vegetables
  • Removes all toxic germs, bacteria, impurities, farm chemicals, pesticides, waxes and preservatives
  • A 100% vegan product with no chlorine or soap element
  • Very easy to use. Just spray the liquid twice or thrice on food items, rub it thoroughly. After leaving the formula for a minimum of 5 minutes, wash with fresh water.

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greenbrrew vegetable and fruit wash 60ml

Greenbrrew - Instant Vegetable and Fruits Washer Spray - 60ml


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