Happy Nature – Happy Buzz Eucalyptus Honey – 325g (100% Pure & Natural)

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About the product:

Eucalyptus Honey by Happy nature is extracted from the eucalyptus blossoms. It has a significant herbal flavour and a slight medicinal scent to it. Eucalyptus honey has several health benefits. It is 100% pure and natural honey, unadulterated and packed in the absence of chemicals.

Health benefits:

  1. Rich in antioxidants
  2. Has antibacterial properties
  3. Ideal decongestant

How to consume: This eucalyptus honey can be consumed as a substitute for sugar in beverages, dressing for salads, spread on bread, etc.

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238.00250.00 (-5%)


About the product:

Happy Nature’s extracts Eucalyptus honey from eucalyptus blossoms in the traditional way. It is a 100% pure and unadulterated product with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This honey has no added sugar and is fat-free. It is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. Honey is particularly healthy when used instead of refined sugar, which is 100% empty calories. Since ancient times, honey has been used as both a food and a medicine

Nutritional benefits of the product:

  • Eucalyptus honey is naturally antibacterial. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce bacteria at the site of infection
  • It is a great source of vitamin C, potassium, copper, iron and calcium
  • Eucalyptus honey is content with polyphenols and flavonoids, natural compounds with strong antioxidant activity. These can protect cells from damage and oxidative stress that could worsen inflammation and ageing
  • This honey is used to relieve mild coughs and cold, and as a natural remedy for the respiratory system
  • It has a low glycemic index which helps maintain blood sugar levels
  • It can also help maintain blood pressure levels

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    by Rajendra

    Cute packaging, mildly smells of Eucalyptus. Feels like an added feel to regular honey. Must give it a shot

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Happy Nature Buzz Eucalyptus Honey 325g

Happy Nature – Happy Buzz Eucalyptus Honey – 325g (100% Pure & Natural)

238.00250.00 (-5%)