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Jus’ Amazin Dark Chocolate Flavour Almond Butter

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About The Product:

The appetizing dark chocolate flavoured almond butter by Jus Amazin is manufactured using superior quality almonds with gluten-free raw cocoa powder. It contains jaggery which is considered as a healthy substitute of sugar and is rich in fibre, calcium and vitamin E.

Health Benefits:

  1. Enhances the nervous system
  2. Nourishes your bones.
  3. Keeps your full

How To Consume: Can be used to enhance the flavour of oats, pasta, dosa, fruits, toast and dosas.

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About The Product:

Dark chocolate almond butter by Jus Amazin is a healthy combination of almonds, raw cacao powder and organic jaggery. The cocoa powder used is gluten-free and is loaded with antioxidants making it absolutely heart-friendly. This butter is packed with protein and micro-nutrients including calcium and vitamin E.

Nutritional Benefits Of The Product:

  • Almond butter contains healthy monounsaturated fats that are required by the body. These fats help in keeping the heart diseases at bay.
  • Vitamin E present in almonds helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol.
  • Almond butter is low on the glycemic index and rich in protective antioxidants which helps in the management of blood sugar levels and does not lead to an insulin spike.
  • It also helps in weight management as it keeps you full.
  • Almond butter also contains manganese, copper, vitamin B2 which help in the production of energy.
  • It also helps in muscle building and bone development.

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Jus' Amazin Dark Chocolate Flavour Almond Butter


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