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Crunchy pumpkin seeds lightly seasoned with Himalayan pink salt. This is a healthy alternative of fried snacks for its organic goodness.

How to Use?

It is a guilt-free snack. Eat it while you are travelling or any other time the stomach urges for a little something. Usually, it is consumed in small quantities for high protein rates.

HLS Advantage

“1. Not-fried, healthy snack option with high protein and high fiber.
2. Organic ingredients with no artificial additives.
3. Value for money and a good substitute for unhealthy snacking options.

Why you should buy it?

1. This organic mix contains all the goodness from its ingredients like sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds. Cashew nuts, chia seeds, olive oil, psyllium husk etc.
2. It is rich with Omega-3 that has anti-cancerous properties.
3. This snack has high fiber and high protein.
4. It is filled with essential minerals such as Iron, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc.
5. There are zero cholesterol and very less amount of sugar in it.
6. It’s not tried, it’s roasted.
7. Tasty snack option with a coat of organic cashew nuts and Himalayan pink salt seasoning.

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