Omay Foods – Solid Soybean Snacks – 160g (100% Oil Free)


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About the product

Omay Foods Solid Soyabean is a snack that will pep up your day or any time of the day with its goodness and zesty masala. The soybean seeds that are high in protein, dietary fibre and are filled with micronutrients. The soybean seeds are full of vitamin E, B1 and zinc.

Health Benefits

  1. High on proteins and dietary fibre
  2. Oil and fat-free
  3. Helps in building muscle strength

How to consume: This tasty snack can be consumed directly at any time of the day. The tasty masala adds to the taste of the soybean.


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About the product:

Omay Foods has a good range of healthy snacking products made with whole nutrients and mixed with Indian spices. Their protein-rich Soyabean solids are mildly roasted in the absence of oil with rich Indian herbs. These are a great source of energy, protein and complex carbs which are otherwise skipped in our daily diet. 

Nutritional benefits of the product:

  • These Soybeans are not just crunchy and delicious but are loaded with essential amino acids and plant proteins
  • Roasted and not-fried; all the macronutrients go unhampered
  • Soybeans contain more potassium than a banana
  • The combination of proteins and dietary fibre helps in muscle and strength building
  • Even a small portion of these seeds can help you feel fuller thereby, help in reducing appetite and eventual weight management
  • These seeds are rich in minerals and help in metabolism.
  • They are a source of immunity-boosting elements
  • Besides the nutritional value, Omay Foods makes sure that the taste is nowhere compromised. A delicious, tangy flavour is added to soybeans with premium spices

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Omay Foods - Solid Soybean Snacks - 160g (100% Oil Free)