Poshtick – Nature’s Candy Dried Cranberries – 250g (Vitamins Rich | Antioxidants)


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About The Product

 Dried cranberries by Poshtick can be considered as a very nutritional binge eating option. These cranberries are chosen meticulously in order to bring out their best flavour and aroma along with nutrients. Loaded with minerals and vitamins, these cranberries offer an amazing taste as well.

Health Benefits

  1. Dietary fibre prohibits weight gain
  2. Promotes a healthy immune system
  3. Cease oral infections

How To Consume:: Enjoy as a snack directly from the pack. It can be added to cakes, cereals and yoghurt as well.

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About The Product

These dried cranberries by Poshtick are an appetizing blend of taste, health and nutrition. These cranberries are handy and can be consumed even when you are on the go. These cranberries come with a tangy taste and can be added to yoghurt, baked items, cereals and custard. 

Nutritional Benefits Of The Products

  • PAC’s are antioxidants present in cranberries in an enormous amount and these antioxidants can prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Cranberries intake in our daily diet is absolutely good for oral health as they help in the prevention of tooth decay.
  • These can be binged as an afternoon or evening snack without any guilt as they are almost zero calories which makes them pleasing as a stand-alone snack.
  • Another plus point for adding them to the meal, in salads or soup is that they are fat-free and are easily absorbed by the body.
  • An affordable fact about cranberries is that they are brimming with dietary fibre which could help to curb weight gain and keep our digestion efficient.

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Poshtick - Nature's Candy Dried Cranberries - 250g (Vitamins Rich | Antioxidants)


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