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Ritebite Max Protein Daily Choco Almond Protein Bar (Subscribe & Save)

Protein Rich

300g (Pack of 6)

274.00360.00 (24% OFF) / month for 3 months

About the product:

RiteBite choco almond protein bar being sugar-free and appropriate for diabetic patients, strikes and amazing balance between taste and health. This dainty, crunchy and nutty bar helps you gain energy and fight fatigue on a daily basis.

Health Benefits:

  1. Free from chemical preservatives and is 100% vegetarian.
  2. Incorporates minerals, 21 vitamins & electrolytes.
  3. Refined with almonds along with casein, soy & whey.

 How To Consume: Best to consume as a pre-workout snack. Can be devoured on a daily basis.

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274.00360.00 (24% OFF) / month for 3 months

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About the product

RiteBite brings forth a delicious range of protein bars made with 100% vegetarian, wholesome ingredients that do not hamper the nutrients at all. The RiteBite Max Protein Choco Almond bar comes with the goodness of chocolaty flavour and almonds which are ideal for active individuals. This bar will not only keep you full but will also energize your body. With a crunch of almonds, it gives you the finest taste of chocolate and nuts.

Nutritional Benefits Of The Product:

  • The bar is crammed with antioxidants, proteins and fibre which, altogether, keep the body energised and also boosts the immunity
  • The crispiness of brown rice not only enhances the taste but is also good for bowel health
  • Unlike other protein bars, RiteBite makes sure that there is no added sugar to keep the calories low. This is why is it ideal for people who keep a count on their calorie intake
  • Omega 3 fatty acids help in maintaining heart health
  • Addition of cocoa solids to the bar helps in reducing the inflammation and also balances blood sugar level in the body
  • It prevents constipation and increases the rate of metabolism

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Ritebite Max Protein Daily Choco Almond Protein Bar (Subscribe & Save)

274.00360.00 (24% OFF) / month for 3 months