Rostaa – Salted Nibbles Mix – 340g (High Protein)

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About the product

Rostaa Salted Nibbles Mix is the absolute snack option as not only does it taste good but is also very healthy. It is an appetizing combination of cashews, pistachios and freshly roasted almonds.

Health Benefits

  1. Boots energy
  2. Aids weight loss
  3. Zero cholesterol 

How To Consume

Directly consume any time of the day. Can also be enjoyed with cold beverages.

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476.00680.00 (-30%)

About the product

Salted Nibbles by Rostaa is a delicious and healthy snacking recourse that can be enjoyed on a daily basis by people above the age of 12. The mixture constitutes minds, cashews, pistachios with low sodium salt sprinkled for flavour. It boosts energy and might also help in losing weight.

Nutritional Benefits Of The Product

  • The mixture is a good source of protein and strengthens bones.
  • It helps in magnifying energy and also ensures better digestion
  • Cashews are a rich source of protein, which prevents frequent hunger pangs.
  •  Cashews are also charges with antioxidants which prevent oxidative damage
  • Almonds are packed with vitamin E which reduces the possibility of heart disease
  • Almonds can also help in maintaining blood sugar levels is it contains magnesium 
  • Pistachios might help in the reduction of bad cholesterol and maintaining blood sugar levels. 
  • Being high in fibre content, pistachios also help in maintaining healthy gut bacteria.

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Rostaa Salted Nibbles Mix 340g

Rostaa - Salted Nibbles Mix - 340g (High Protein)

476.00680.00 (-30%)