Rostaa – Nuts & Berries Trail Mix – 125g (Minerals Rich)

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About the product

Nuts and berries trail mix by Rostaa is ladened with dried natural fruits and berries blended with M&M’s. It is a vegetarian product with incredible benefits including weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels.

Health benefits

  1. Aids weight loss
  2. Amplifies immunity
  3. Contains zero cholesterol

How to consume

Snack them on a daily basis at any time. Can be added to your cereals and smoothies.

About the product

Rostaa trail mix is a blend of 10 power-packed nuts and berries. The accurate mix of nuts, berries and dried fruits create a balanced taste and even better after-taste. You can enjoy this mix at any time of the day as it is a great energy booster. The mixture contains almonds, cashews, black raisins, dried diced kiwis, guava and pineapple chunks.

Nutritional Benefits Of The Product

  • The blend contains no cholesterol which ultimately prevents plaque buildup which causes blood clots.
  • As this mix is charged with the dietary fibre it helps in proper bowel movements and also maintains blood sugar levels.
  • The mixture is rich in antioxidants which amplifies immunity and might also reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • Black raisins reduce hair loss and also flushes out impurities from the blood. These raisins are also rich in iron and antioxidants.
  • Guava is rich in vitamin A  and improves vision. It might also help those who suffer from constipation.


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