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Sattviko Paan Raisin

Gluten Free



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About The Product

Sattviko Paan Raisin is a mouth freshener which is a very distinctive mixture of raisin and paan flavour. The paan is created with the combination of best ingredients and bold flavours. The ingredients used are natural and of superior quality.

Health Benefits:

  1. No preservatives or artificial colours added.
  2. Helps in weight loss.
  3. Averts tooth decay

How To Consume

Can be consumed after a meal as a mouth freshener or as a snack when hungry.


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About the product

Paan raisins by Sattviko is a premium quality mouth freshener and its benefits are not limited to that of just a mouth freshener. The raisins are gluten free, vegetarian and contain no added preservatives. The only ingredients used in this product are raisins and paan raisin making it an ideal choice for everyone.

Nutritional Benefits of the Product:

  • This mouth freshener from Sattviko is gluten free by which we can deduce that it is anti-inflammatory.
  • Rich in iron which helps in regulating your body temperature.
  • It helps in relieving constipation and prevents tooth decay.
  • Being a rich source of antioxidants, it removes free radicals from the body, preventing any cell damage.
  • Raisins are also a good source of potassium and magnesium which not only help in removal of toxins but also reduce acidity.
  • Raisins are rich in certain antioxidants which promote good eyesight.
  • Raisins might help you in weight gain without gathering bad cholesterol as they are rich in glucose and fructose.
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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by Shriya

    I always loved paan flavor in my candies and other things, now finding it in raisin is a great thing for me.

  2. 02

    by Vivek Sachdeva

    Very happy with this product for its taste, flavor, quality, and packaging. 5-star rating!

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