Buy Sattviko - Pizza Khakhra Chips Pet Jar - 120gm (Baked | Vegan) Online
Buy Sattviko - Pizza Khakhra Chips Pet Jar - 120gm (Baked | Vegan) Online
Buy Sattviko - Pizza Khakhra Chips Pet Jar - 120gm (Baked | Vegan) Online

Sattvikko – Peri Peri Makhana – 70gm (Gluten Free | NON GMO)

Country of Origin: Country of Origin: India


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About the product:

Sattviko Makhanas are roasted with a mix of Indian spices that brings out the lip-smacking peri-peri flavour. Makhanas are known to have all the qualities of a superfood. These are rich in minerals, vitamins and are gluten-free.

Health Benefits:

  1. Good for digestion
  2. Contains detoxifying agent
  3. High in nutrients 

How to consume: Can be enjoyed as it is from the pack. Best served as a namkeen alongside a cup of tea or coffee. 

About the product:

Sattviko is known for its wide range of healthy snacking options such as makhanas, khakhra chips, gur chana, and more. It makes highly nutritious makhanas, roasted and not-fried, to keep the nutrients unhampered. The Peri-Peri variant of roasted Makhanas contains a delightful mix of all Indian spices to give it a slightly spicy taste. 

Nutritional Benefits of the product:

  • Roasted Makhanas are even lighter than popcorns as they have 20% fewer calories and 60% less fat. Thereby, these are considered a great option for weight management
  • Each Sattviko Pet Jar of Makhanas contain 9g of protein
  • Makhanas is also known as a superfood as they are enriched with calcium, proteins and dietary fibre
  • Daily consumption of makhanas helps strengthen bones, aids weight loss and lowers cholesterol
  • This delicious snack acts as a detoxifier as it flushes out toxins from the body and recycles the RBCs
  • An ideal snack for people who keep a calorie count and also good for people with diabetes

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