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Snackible Pudina Makhana


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These roasted Pudina Makhana is a high-protein snack and it is roasted to perfection for amazing crunch and taste profile.

How to use?

These pudine flavoured Makhanas are absolutely perfect to have when you crave something a little tangy, crispy and tasty to feed your small hungers.

Healthier Lifestyle Simplified

HLS advantage

1. Crunchy, tasty and healthy vegan snack at affordable price.
2. High protein snack.

Why you should buy it?

1. This snack contains a high content of protein and it is an absolute energy packed food.
2. Good source of fiber to keep you full for log and help in digestion.
3. This snack has natural antioxidants to help your body to fight against cell damages.

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