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Soulfull Diet Millet Muesli

High Fiber



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About The Product

Soulfull diet millet muesli is a savoury blend of wheat flakes, ragi flakes, rolled oats and apple juice concentrate. This multigrain pack of healthy blend allows you to enjoy binge eating without any weight gain as it contains no preservatives and sugar.

Health Benefits

  1. High fibre content
  2. No added sugar
  3. Rich protein supplement

How To Consume

Can be added to a bowl of cold or warm milk or can be munched upon as an evening snack.

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About The Product

Soulfull diet muesli is one of the best merchandise that comes with a mouth-watering taste and is put together using ingredients like muesli, oats millet wheat flakes, ragi flakes and apple juice concentrate. All these ingredients are nutrient-dense and contribute to the amazing taste of this blend. It can be consumed in the morning as a breakfast or an evening snack on a daily basis.

Nutritional Benefits Of The Product

  • Rolled oats are nutrient-dense foods full of vitamins, minerals, proteins thus packed with benefits of antioxidants which are good for mental as well as physical health.
  • Ragi is being hailed as a new superfood as it is known to be packed with iron, protein and good amino acids that help in growth.
  • Ragi is also fibre and energy-rich food, that can give a feeling of satisfaction by preventing unnecessary calorie consumption
  • Wheat bran in the blend makes for a rich source of magnesium, manganese and phosphorus, zinc and vitamin B along with low fat making it good for regular and healthy bowel movements.
  • Muesli is rich in minerals like calcium, selenium and magnesium which helps in enhancing the bone strength.

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Soulfull Diet Millet Muesli


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