TGL – Lemon and Honey Green Tea – 100 Tea Bags ( Antioxidants | Detoxifications)

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About the product:

Pack of 100 Lemon and Honey Green Tea Bags from TGL Company comes with the goodness of natural flavours and organic green tea leaves. It contains no amount of sugar. It is a calorie-free, carbohydrate-free and fat-free drink which detoxes the body efficiently.

Health benefits:

  1. Rich in antioxidants
  2. Improves metabolism
  3. Detoxifies the body and mind

How to consume: Add 1 tea bag to 200ml boiling water, stir well and enjoy. It is best to have in the morning before breakfast.

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539.00599.00 (-10%)

About the product:

TGL Honey and Lemon Green Tea are made with natural lemon-honey flavours and fresh green tea leaves which works like wonder as a detox drink. The ingredients, all together, are rich in antioxidants and minerals which have numerous benefits for the human body. This product has a medium portion of caffeine which makes it healthier than ordinary tea.

Nutritional benefits of the product:

  • TGL Lemon and Honey Green Tea is made with an amalgamation of natural lemon and honey flavours, and green tea leaves
  • It has zero trans fat, zero carbohydrates, and no added sugar
  • Since it is a zero-calorie tea, it is not just keto-friendly but equally benefiting for every health-conscious individual
  • Lemon and honey together with green tea forms a strong potion of antioxidants and compounds that boost metabolism and improves digestion
  • Consumption of green tea can help keep the cholesterol level balanced
  • Regular consumption of green tea with honey and lemon can help in making bones strong
  • It flushes out the toxins from the body and makes your skin glowing
  • Honey is known to be having essential antioxidants that boost brain functioning
  • This tea can also work as a quick remedy for the common cold

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TGL Lemon and Honey Green Tea bags

TGL - Lemon and Honey Green Tea - 100 Tea Bags ( Antioxidants | Detoxifications)

539.00599.00 (-10%)

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