TGL – Lemon Detox Green Tea – 16 Tea Bags (Antioxidants Rich | Detoxifications)


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About the product:

Lemon Detox Green Tea from TGL Company comes with a nourishing blend of antioxidant-rich green tea and bright citrus lemon aroma that helps cleanse your body and resuscitates the mind. It is a great detox option that leaves you refreshed for the day.

Health benefits:

  1. Detoxifies the body
  2. Helps in weight management
  3. Boosts metabolism

How to consume: Add 1 tea bag of Lemon Green Tea to 150ml of boiling water. Stir well and consume hot. Best when consumed in the breakfast.

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About the product:

TGL extracts the green tea from fresh whole green tea leaves and introduces a blend of long tea leaves and enriching lemon. It is organically made with herbs and flowers. An amalgamation of Calendula, Everlasting flowers, lemongrass, fresh lemon slices and green tea acts as a perfect detox for the body and revives the mind.

Nutritional benefits of the product:

  • Sencha (whole tea leaves infused in hot water) green tea is a great source of Vitamin C which acts as a stimulant for white blood cells
  • Lemon contains essential nutrients such as phenolic nutrients, vitamin C and carotenoids that promote urine production and acts as a remedy for treating colds
  • It is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body and leaves it energized
  • The compounds found in Lemon Green Tea helps the body absorb iron efficiently
  • The flowers and herbs used to make this tea help expel toxins from the body
  • The antioxidants in lemon green tea help the body burn fat faster and helps in weight management
  • This product contains medium caffeine content which does not harm the body but boosts the metabolism
  • Drinking this tea at least 2 times in a day can burn up to 100 calories

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TGL Lemon Detox Green Tea

TGL - Lemon Detox Green Tea - 16 Tea Bags (Antioxidants Rich | Detoxifications)


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