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The Little Farm Blueberry Almonds


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225.00250.00 (10% OFF)

These coated almonds will give you the fruity and citrus flavour of blueberries to complement handpicked, premium quality almonds.

How to use?

You can eat these brand new almonds anytime when you are craving for some yummy snacks.

Healthier Lifestyle Simplified

HLS advantage

1. 100% preservatives and additives free.
2. Handcrafted 100% non-GMO snack.

Why you should buy it?

1. Almonds are loaded with Vitamin E and copper, magnesium, and antioxidants, which actually contribute to the betterment of overall health.
2.They are also extremely useful in reducing hunger pangs and improving digestive health.
3. These almonds have a completely new flavour as they are being matched with blueberries and it is very easy to incorporate into your diet for lowering calorie intake.

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225.00250.00 (10% OFF)

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