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The Little Farm Co Lemon Gur pickle

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About the product:

Lemon Gur pickle from the Little Farm Co. is prepared with fresh lemons and jaggery (gur). It is combined together with premium spices for a mouth-watering taste. Lemon gur pickle is rich in minerals and helps in relaxing many stomachs disorders.

Health benefits:

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Helps in weight loss
  3. No added preservatives

How to consume: It can be consumed with any dish, spread on bread or sandwiches. It is best consumed with khichdi, rice, rolled into parathas or chapati, etc.

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270.00300.00 (10% OFF)

About the product:

The Little Farm Co. brings a differentiated range of pickles made from 100% natural ingredients and no added artificial colour or flavours. Unlike other packed pickles, this brand does not use any preservatives or additives. It is made as a perfect combination of the sour flavour of lemon and just the right amount of sweetness of freshly prepared jaggery. A pickle that causes a burst of sweet and tangy flavour.

Nutritional benefits of the product:

  • Key ingredients: Lemon, Himalayan pink salt, jaggery, red chilli, elaichi, homemade garam masala, ginger
  • It is seasoned intensely with Indian Spices to give it a spicy but flavourful taste
  • Lemon pickle is known as a home remedy for stomach disorders, bloating and acidity
  • Jaggery (Gur) used in this pickle boosts metabolism and helps you burn the fat faster
  • Gur is also a healthy replacement of sugar as it is low in calories and rich in immunity-boosting characteristics
  • The Little Farm co. pickles contain zero saturated fat or cholesterol
  • Lemon pickle contains antioxidants which help kill free radicals in the body

Jaggery and lemon, together, help flush out toxins from the body

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The Little Farm Co Lemon Gur pickle

270.00300.00 (10% OFF)

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