The Whole Truth – Cranberry Protein Bar – 52g (Gluten Free)

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About the product:

The Whole Truth Cranberry Protein Bar is a 100% organic protein bar made with ingredients that provide sufficient nutrients to the body. It has got a tangy taste from Cranberries and dense texture from Cashews, Dates, Almonds, etc.

Health Benefits:

  1. 12g of Proteins
  2. Gluten and Soy free bars
  3. No artificial flavours, only nutrition

How to consume: Best consumed during breakfast or pre/post-workout session. It can be consumed as an alternative to sugary chocolates/candies.

85.00100.00 (-15%)

About the product:

The Whole Truth  brand has curated a dream range of protein bars for individuals who like to keep away from adulterated food items. And Nothing Else Protein Bars are entirely made with nutritional ingredients such as Dates, Cashews, Almonds and Whey Proteins.

The Whole Truth Protein Bar comes with Cranberries which gives it a nice sweet and tangy flavour. Above that, a milky, smooth cashew butter makes it not just healthy but a tasty alternative to chocolates/candies having artificial contents.

Nutritional Benefits of the product:

  • 1 bar contains 12g of Proteins, 235 kcal and 14.6g natural sugar; all together fulfilling the daily nutrition requirements in an active body
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives have been added to the product
  • Its sweet flavour is derived from natural fruits, Cranberries in this bar, which makes it suitable for health-conscious people
  • Acts as a perfect pre/post-workout snack by providing enough energy to the body

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The Whole Truth - Cranberry Protein Bar - 52g (Gluten Free)

85.00100.00 (-15%)

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