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Wonderland Foods Dried Sliced Cranberry

Boosts Immunity



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About The Product 

Dried sliced cranberries by Wonderland foods can be considered as a good nutritious snacking item. These cranberries are dried naturally without sugar or sulphur and have anti-ageing properties.

Health Benefits:

  1. Promotes weight loss
  2. Antioxidants
  3. Aid in digestion
  4. Good for oral health

How To Consume:

Can be consumed as it is or can be added to salads, milkshakes and smoothies.

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About the product

The dried sliced cranberries by Wonderland foods not only taste good but they are full of nutrition too. They can be easily included in your diet and are easy to store as they have a shelf life that lasts up to six months. To benefit from these berries one should make sure that these cranberries are a part of the daily diet.

Nutritional Benefits of the Product:

  • Presence of some antioxidants might help in fighting against urinary tract infection.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of cranberries could prove beneficial in lowering the risk of hypertension.
  • Its regular intake boosts immunity.
  • Cranberries are very beneficial in maintaining oral health as they prevent the growth of bacteria that causes tooth decay.
  • Good source of dietary fibre, dried cranberries help to keep the digestive system healthy.
  • Low calorie, fat-free, cranberries are nutritious and can be consumed as a stand-alone snack

How to Use?

These sliced cranberries can be eaten anytime directly. You can also put them as toppings in ice cream, baked goods or mix them in salads, milkshake and smoothie.

Healthier Lifestyle Simplified

HLS Advantage

1. Naturally dried cranberries without sugar or sulphur.
2. Low calorie healthy snack suitable for kids.

Why you should buy it?

1. Cranberries are anti-inflammatory in nature. So, they are extremely beneficial in reducing the risks related to hypertension.
2. Cranberries are an absolute immunity booster and they contain low calorie.
3. They are loaded with dietary fiber and absolutely fat-free. So, it helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system and assists weight management.
4. Cranberries are useful in preventing the growth of bacteria which are responsible for tooth decay.
5. Cranberries have anti-aging properties and it takes care of your skin.

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