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Yoga Bar Hazelnut Toffee Protein Bar

Gluten Free

360g (Pack of 6)

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About the product:

Yoga Bar Hazelnut Protein Bar is a 100% vegetarian product loaded with the richness of chocolate, the crunch of Hazelnuts and nutrients like proteins, fibres, etc. These are High protein, high fibre and low net carbs, soy-free bars.

Health Benefits:

  1. 20g of Proteins
  2. Aids muscle development
  3. Contains good fats to keep the body energized

How to consume: Can be consumed as pre & post-workout snacks or as healthy meal replacement options.

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629.00699.00 (10% OFF)

About the product:

Yoga Bar claims that its protein bars are the healthiest as these are not just usual energy bars but are powered with wholesome ingredients, nuts, seeds and real fruits.

This Yoga Bar Hazelnut Protein Bar pack has 6 bars of 60g each. 1 protein bar consists of 20g of protein which is sufficient for the body to stay energized. Moreover, the nutrition portion and a quality taste are what makes it better than the chocolates with artificial flavours.

Nutritional Benefits of the product:

  • Each bar contains 20g of protein which it gets from whey protein concentrate and almonds. It fulfils the proteins and fibre requirement in the body
  • These are soy-free bars with fewer carbs which makes it ideal for the people who like to keep a calorie count on their diet
  • It contains 10.4g dietary fibre which promotes gut health and keeps the body feel full for a long time. Thereby inducing weight loss
  • The richness of nutrients and delicious flavours makes it a healthy substitute for chocolates & candies
  • Contains Nuts, Almonds, Seeds and other natural ingredients which keeps the body energized
  • Unlike many other snack bars from different brands, Yoga Bars contain no artificial sweeteners and preservatives which can harm the human body

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Yoga Bar Hazelnut Toffee Protein Bar

629.00699.00 (10% OFF)

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