Yoga bar Creamy Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter 1Kg (35% OFF)

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Yogabar Creamy Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter 1Kg | Non-Gmo Premium Peanuts


Protein rich

Brand: Yoga Bar
(159 customer reviews)

MRP: 324.00 35% OFF

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Country of Origin : India

Introducing Yogabar Crunchy Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate – the healthiest Peanut Butter to give your mornings a nourishing kickstart. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients, contains 75% peanuts, and doesn’t contain any hydrogenated fat or palm oil. Yogabar Peanut Butter chocolate flavour is sure to add goodness to your toast, healthy milkshake or smoothie. But that’s not all. Yogabar chocolate peanut Butter crunchy is also good with your breakfast oatmeal or with keto cookies for a 4pm healthy snack. With the goodness of Dark Chocolate, Yogabar Protein peanut Butter is a healthy cocoa spread as well. Creamy & Crunchy Goodness: Yogabar Peanut Butter is creamy, yet crunchy, that makes you wanna say, for my fitness, peanut butter is the best! We are clean : Gluten Free. Processed sugar free. 80% Less Sugar than leading brands: No processed sugar, free from preservatives. No chemicals. No artificial anything. Just good, clean food. That’s a promise. No Palm Oil : Slow Roasted: Slowly does it. The best and most premium ingredients. 100% pure protein. It’s everything you’ve come to love. Packed with Protein : While the others give you a meagre 5% protein, we have loaded our peanut butter chocolate with 25% protein per serving. Bite for bite, Yoga Bar is far more nutritious than the rest. Save more with our Peanut Butter 1kg packs. Also explore our Creamy Peanut Butter and Honey Peanut Butter and Natural Peanut Butter range.

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159 Reviews For This Product
  1. Farid


  2. kumar lohith

    Really super

  3. Sanjay kumar roy

    Excellent bawal ?

  4. surajsahu8773 (verified owner)


  5. Lakhan shinde (verified owner)

    Best deal& best product…!!!!! Thanks wellcurve…!!???

  6. Moomin bilal Bilal

    We want more it’s out of stock . But I have to say it’s really good quality product

  7. Sivareddy (verified owner)

    I loved it

  8. Ansh Goel (verified owner)

    tasted good

  9. Gurpreet singh (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  10. Nikhil mohite (verified owner)

    Awsome product With High Protein. and Very Tasty

  11. Nikhil mohite (verified owner)

    Awsome product With High Protein. and Very Tasty

  12. Aman (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Thanks.

  13. Aman (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Thanks.

  14. Huzaifa (verified owner)


  15. Kanwal jeet (verified owner)


  16. Deepak Nandwani (verified owner)

    Good in taste

  17. touhid farooqi (verified owner)

    nice product taste well and effective

  18. Ashutosh Singh (verified owner)

    Good product at a reasonable price

  19. Eeti Verma (verified owner)


  20. Ritik gautam (verified owner)

    Product is genuine and very good quality

  21. Rajdeep Sarkar

    Just to say its an superb amazing product.!!!I think the best ever chocolate peanut butter i ever had.I got this at a very cheap rate here.And the yoga bar protein bars i bought with this are just delicious and so much healthy!!!!! Thanks wellcurve..and thumbs up for yogabar!!!!!!????????????

  22. haroon (verified owner)


  23. Sarah Ali (verified owner)

    Tooo good ?

  24. Sarah Ali (verified owner)

    Very nice ?

  25. Raiyan qureshi (verified owner)

    One of the best products here

  26. Rajneesh Sahu (verified owner)

    I am alredy using this i brought previously from flipkart but from wellcure received much more discount…tq

  27. Adal Hussain (verified owner)

    Best one in the market, plus highly suggested to buy from as they have the best price and packaging and delivery is 10/10 too. Will buy more

  28. ankit (verified owner)

    its yummy and good in quality

  29. Moomin (verified owner)

    I love this dark chocolate peanut butter one of my favorite and amazing product

  30. Tarun

    Ordered with a good discount. I hope quality and taste will be good

  31. Moomin bilal (verified owner)

    Really good in taste and the packing is really good

  32. Maan chauhan (verified owner)

    Great deal and price is very good

  33. Kedar mane (verified owner)

    It’s very good product thank you wellcurve

  34. Pulkit Kumar

    Absolutely Great taste

  35. Aniket

    Fast delivery. Original products

  36. Giriraj Bahety (verified owner)

    Nice product and taste is good

  37. Amita Tanwar

    It is very tasty and I got it at half the MRP.

  38. Ram Kumar S (verified owner)

    Chocolate with peanut flavour, amazing taste

  39. Kashif (verified owner)

    Fantastic ?

  40. Mukund Kumar (verified owner)

    It is amazing product 100%pure and good price I am thankful for wellcurve

  41. Sakshi Agarwal (verified owner)

    Woww!! very yummy peanut butter ? …go for it….ye fresh hae bilkul …..

  42. Puneet Gangwar (verified owner)

    Good quality product?

  43. Krishna Sharma

    Boleto ek no.?????

  44. Rahul Chouhan (verified owner)

    Awesome and smooth

  45. Deepak Kashyap (verified owner)

    Helathyt n testy

  46. Muslim khan (verified owner)

    Nice rate very good product

  47. Mukul Sharma (verified owner)

    Great taste value of rate is gud thankyou wellcurve

  48. Nikhil Manhas

    Good product as expected

  49. Nikhil Manhas

    Good product as expected

  50. Vivek gautam (verified owner)

    Best product at affordable price👍

  51. Kapil (verified owner)

    It tastes soo amazing

  52. Nagma Khan (verified owner)

    Product is genuine and good

  53. Aditya Madaan

    Great taste and budget friendly

  54. Tushar khanorkar (verified owner)

    Amazing product and super fast delivery, thank you wellcurve

  55. Harish parihar (verified owner)

    Awesome taste and quality . & Also thank you well curve for great discount .

  56. Amit Sharwa

    Yeh peanut butter se pehli mulaqaat thi
    Lekin aakhri nahi hogi

  57. Nandini Daksh (verified owner)

    Tastes Great.

  58. Shivam Tripathi

    Superb taste.

  59. Harsh yadav (verified owner)

    I really like the product. Though it contains sugar around 2gm in each serving but we can have that much sugar in a day. It helps with my workouts as I use carbs and protein blend as my pre workout

  60. Kapil (verified owner)

    It’s better then a lot of chocolates

  61. vijay (verified owner)

    best peanut butter

  62. Tinku (verified owner)

    Good & Testy Thank u yoga bar

  63. Rishabh Soni (verified owner)

    Amazing products

  64. Shivam Tiwari (verified owner)

    Best discounts and best offers .. thanku wellcurve

  65. Furquan (verified owner)

    I give 5 stars to this product

  66. Anish Dubey (verified owner)

    The taste is super good and smooth creamy texture. Loved it!

  67. viny

    Rich in protein..thanks wellcurve for this awesome product

  68. Furquan (verified owner)

    I love this taste

  69. Sumaiya Mehboob Rawoot (verified owner)

    My kids love to eat this anytime in day,I have order this for our Ramzan.

  70. Unais rub (verified owner)

    Awesome taste

  71. Joyal Jossy (verified owner)

    Better product

  72. patel (verified owner)

    It’s good iin test.

  73. S K Priyanka (verified owner)

    More than expected

  74. Preet (verified owner)

    I love it yogabar product

  75. Uday Sharma (verified owner)

    Tasty and healthy

  76. Moomin (verified owner)

    Always healthy to eat

  77. Preeti Singh (verified owner)

    It’s yummy’s perfect energy package ❤️❤️

  78. Mahesh (verified owner)

    I think it’s a good

  79. Shubham mittal (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  80. Nandu (verified owner)

    Its yummy as well as nutritious

  81. Mayur Ashok Kokate (verified owner)

    I have used this product amazing product

  82. Himakunda Chowdhury (verified owner)

    Good product in this price range

  83. KAMAL SHARMA (verified owner)

    Dark chocolate taste

  84. Suhas adhav

    Very good quality

  85. Marisetti Chandrahas (verified owner)

    Good one and reasonable rate

  86. Krishna Sharma (verified owner)

    Yoga bar peanuts butter is awesome in this price other company not provide peanut butter in this range I love it

  87. SHEIKH VASSEM RAJA (verified owner)

    Taste is too good and not much sugar and Carb ,good for those who are looking something less sugar

  88. Mohit Yadav (verified owner)

    Good in taste

  89. Zaid (verified owner)

    It is quite delicious in taste as compared to others

  90. Ritu (verified owner)

    Perfect and all time favorite

  91. Tushar (verified owner)

    Amazing product and even better discounts thanks to Wellcurve..

  92. Nitesh (verified owner)

    Gjb taste

  93. Sahil Ahuja (verified owner)

    Best peanut butter 😋🧈

  94. AMIT (verified owner)

    Healthy peanut butter benefits in good price

  95. Anish Dubey (verified owner)

    It tastes delicious and very little crunchy because of blended Chia seeds. Super nutritious!

  96. Debjit Das

    Excellent test and nutrition

  97. Sneha (verified owner)

    I loved the taste of peanut butter yoga curve is best 😻

  98. Sangeet (verified owner)

    Amazing peanut butter I’ve used till now. I’ve tried 4 to 5 peanut butters but this is my favourite.

  99. Ritu Yadav (verified owner)

    Just love the taste

  100. Shubham (verified owner)

    Testy and yummy😋

  101. Sunny (verified owner)

    These are the best products i have ever used.

  102. Shiv rajan (verified owner)

    Nice product and many many time I order this product I love yogabar

  103. Dilip Singh

    I am fully satisfied with product

  104. Aditya Mundhe

    The Creamy chocolatey taste is amazing for a morning snack

  105. Anuj Singh

    Love it ❤❤❤❤❤

  106. Shubham

    Valuable offer and quality is is super

  107. Pranav

    Awesome product must buy

  108. Vipul khurana (verified owner)

    Taste was awesome thanku wellcurve❤️

  109. Shubham kashyap

    Yummy taste and quality 👌👌

  110. Naqueeb shaikh

    Pretty good peanut butter

  111. Navi (verified owner)

    Very good product👍
    Worth it

  112. Sanju saroha

    Its amazing nd yummy….🥰

  113. Shivansh

    Yoga bar protein has more protein in 1 scoop as compared to other brands.

  114. Zafar imam

    This very good product sell

  115. Abhi saxena

    Healthy peanut butter ever

  116. Shaikh abdul

    Good products
    Before time delivery
    I’m Satisfied with service

  117. Anish Dubey (verified owner)

    Yogabar Creamy dark chocolate peanut butter is my all time favourite, I love the taste of it.

  118. Saketh Dasari

    Best peanut butter i have ever ate

  119. Prantik Midya

    Awesome taste just apply it on brown bread

  120. Shubham

    Quality 💯💯💯

  121. Prathamesh charudatta gosai

    The peanut butter was absolutely amazing , loved the product and dilevery person was also fantastic… Thank you wellcurve 🙏🙏🙏

  122. Swastik Mishra (verified owner)

    Mouth watering

  123. Alfran Vasanwala (verified owner)

    One the best taste

  124. G Sathish

    Good consistency and delicious.

  125. Chiransh (verified owner)

    Love this product

  126. Naman

    I an happy with my purchase as I got this item in a very good discount as compared to its original price.
    PS:dont consume it directly as it will stick with your upper half of mouth 🙂

  127. DR R M GARIA

    Really tasty products

  128. JOSEPH DSOUZA (verified owner)

    Could be more chocolatie

  129. Shobit Singh

    Best peanut butter

  130. Somil Dahiya

    Yogabars Discount here is the best this is my all time favourite site to buy..!!

  131. Mampi Das

    Very delicious😋 I loved it ❤ Thnk u Wellcurve☺

  132. B Dhawan

    Superb product ..yummy

  133. Ayetha kumara manikanta

    Very tasty and healthy

  134. Bharat

    Great taste

  135. Asim ahmed

    Yogabar chocolate peanut butter flavour is fantastic and yummy

  136. Anupreeta shikarwar

    Creamy and thick

  137. Somil Dahiya

    Yogabars Discount here is the best this is my all time favourite site to buy..!!


    Best in price

  139. Junaid

    Amazing Product. Highly Recommended.

  140. Saketh Dasari

    I love this

  141. Shivanand (verified owner)

    Nice one

  142. Babu Devasenapati

    Tastes good and kids like it with chocolate flavour

  143. Om prakash ray

    Low price from other websites

  144. anupreeta

    Creamy n delicious.

  145. Gaurav h

    the delivery was super fast and i am very happy. Thank you Wellcurve for such a amazing experience.

  146. Rakesh Bhati (verified owner)

    Good very good

  147. Aman Kumar

    The peanut butter is too good in taste and non sticky easy to eat will buy next stock soon

  148. Keshav sharma

    Wellcurve is the best

  149. Jeetu Rathore

    Yoga baar Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Soo tasty, yummy,Value for money❣️

  150. Aksh Rajput (verified owner)

    Great service and product thank you and give me discount

  151. Aksh Rajput (verified owner)

    Great service and product thank you and give me discount

  152. Dr Paras Bhatia

    Excellent quality product with 100% result

  153. Ashraful Haque

    Great service and great product

  154. Priyanshu

    Nice texture and high protein value

  155. Shrey Kumar Saxena (verified owner)

    Awesome purchase. Excellent taste .

  156. kapil (verified owner)

    very tasty product and authentic site also , delivered on time . Happy purchase

  157. Simranjit Singh

    Very good taste

  158. Khushbu Gupta

    It’s a good product

  159. Jethu Singh

    Best product in Market
    Thank you wellcurve

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