Zevic – Stevia Liquid 250 Drops – 15ml (Zero Calorie Natural Sweetener)

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About the Product:

Zevic Liquid Stevia Drops is a natural sweetener  with zero calories and no glycemic index making it a perfect and healthy substitute of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Dissimilar to other chemical sweeteners it is manufactured using natural Stevia leaves and water. 

Health Benefits:

  1. Reduces blood sugar level
  2. No calories and after taste
  3. 100% natural product with no artificial sweetener

How to Consume: Can be added just like sugar in cold beverages, desserts, cakes, etc. Each drop is equal to 1tsp of sugar.

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202.00217.00 (-7%)

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About the Product:

Zevic has introduced a wide range of Stevia products as a healthy substitute for sugar and artificial sugary items, in the form of Stevia Leaves, Drops, Sachets, Tablets, Powder and Sugarfree chocolates.

As the name suggests, Zevic Liquid Stevia Drops is a natural sweetener in the form of drops. It is a 100% natural product with no artificial sweeteners such as Sucralose. This liquid is heat stable which makes it perfect for cooking and baking.

Nutritional Benefits of the Product:

  • This product tastes just like sugar but has 0 harmful effects on the body. Thereby, it can be consumed by people who are on a sugar-free diet
  • As a sweetening compound, Zevic Stevia drops has Glycoside which does not cause a sudden spike in the blood sugar level
  • Unlike refined sugar and other artificial sweeteners, Stevia has no calories which makes it a perfect, naturally obtained sweetener
  • Excessive usage of sugar can cause tooth-decay however, Stevia has non-cariogenic substances which do not harm your teeth
  • These drops are 200 times sweeter than sugar and have zero calories and no side-effects.


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4 reviews for Zevic – Stevia Liquid 250 Drops – 15ml (Zero Calorie Natural Sweetener)

  1. 4 out of 5

    I tried hard to ditch white sugar, but couldn’t do it earlier. Thanks to this liquid sweetener that is easy to use and has no aftertaste.

  2. 4 out of 5

    The benefit of using liquid stevia is that you can add it to sweet dishes and adjust the quantity as per your liking.

  3. 5 out of 5

    If you do not want to destroy your diet with sugar intake, then use this liquid stevia to sweeten your beverages and sweet dishes.

  4. 4 out of 5

    Being diabetic I usually have sweet cravings, and this product lets me satisfy my sweet craving without worrying about my blood glucose.

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Zevic - Stevia Liquid 250 Drops - 15ml (Zero Calorie Natural Sweetener)

202.00217.00 (-7%)

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