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Unveiling the New Superfood – Cacao!
November 12, 2019

There are many stories around Cacao and each one of them are more confusing than the previous one. Deriving its name from Theobroma Cacao, which translates to Food of the Gods, Cacao is now a staple of many diets & nutritionists.

What is Cacao?

Cacao comes from the Cacao fruit tree or the Theobroma Cacao. It produces Cacao pods that are full of Cacao beans. Once processed, this fruit becomes, the famous Cocoa powder. The Cacao Nibs are ultimately the primary ingredient that results in everyone’s favourite food – Chocolate!

Why is it considered a Superfood?

Health benefits of Cacao

The reason why it is on every wellness café’s menu is the numerous health benefits of Cacao. Apart from being an excellent source of fiber and protein, it has low-fat content and a plethora of other health factors, as mentioned below:

  1. Good for diabetes: Raw cacao is a powerhouse of magnesium. Regular intake of cacao helps to keep the risk of diabetes lower.
  2. Positive effect on hypertension: Magnesium not only helps to keep a check on diabetes, but it also helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure thus reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. It also makes bones strong and helps maintain a healthy nervous system.
  3. Anti-cancer properties: Cacao has 40 times the antioxidants that are present in blueberries. The high content of antioxidants in the plant further helps to get rid of the body toxins thus reducing the risk of developing cancer.
  4. Natural Mood Elevator & Anti Depressant: Cacao is a natural powerhouse of some feel good chemicals – Serotonin, Tryptophan, Tyrosine and Phenylethylamine. These four, not only elevate your mood and make you feel happy & at peace but can actually alleviate depression.
  5. Highest Source of Plant based Iron: Those looking for natural iron while on a vegan or vegetarian diet,should end their search now.  Cacao has the highest content of iron in a plant, 7.3mg per 100 gms.
  6. More Calcium than Cow’s Milk: Going vegan or dairy free? Cacao has been found to have more calcium than a regular glass of cow’s milk. What more could you want?

How can you include Cacao in your diet?

The problem with Pure Cacao is availability. Most places sell Cocoa powder under the garb of Cacao. We have sourced the best Cacao products for you to make this easier!

Introduce 100% pure Cacao powder in your diet to enjoy the many benefits of Cacao. You can add it to smoothies, shakes, sprinkle it over your oats or even add it to your cup of coffee to give it that extra chocolatey kick.

Cacao nibs are the perfect snack to munch on between meals, at your workplace or while burning the midnight oil. Packed with nutrients, it’s the perfect snack to have on its own or mix with your favourite granola to give it a feisty kick.

This deliciously smooth Cacao & Nut spread is a treat for all. Spread it on bread or dip your cookies in it for a healthy yet scrumptious treat.

A yummy chocolaty tea is every dessert lovers’ dream come true. Try this Cacao Herbal Tea for a healthy after meal pick me up.

Cacao works great as a snack mix with dried fruits. The sweet and bitter taste of dry fruits and cacao gel well to satiate your taste buds and of course gives the body its much-needed nutrition.




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